Ascending to Heaven: Will We See People in Heaven We Do Not Want to See?

Karen T. Hluchan
7 min readJun 20, 2019

In one of my recent workshops about spirit communication, there was a discussion with my students about the many levels of Heaven and whether we see people we do not want to see in Heaven, such as someone who brought a lot of pain and grief to our life. In my quest to discover more about these topics, I asked my Heavenly Support Team for insight.

Discoveries Through Meditation

In the days following the workshop, I took myself on a meditation journey. My best friend, Al, who is in Heaven, came to me in spirit and began showing me, through an immersive experience, what happens when we ascend to Heaven. The process began with my soul lifting upward from my body. I immediately tuned in to a freeing feeling of complete weightlessness, as well as a cleansing, as though my soul was releasing all concerns and worries of the world I was leaving behind. As my soul rose toward the sky, there was a bright white light speckled with sparkling energy above me that filtered down to surround me in a soft haze. The density of the light gradually increased the higher I rose. As my soul floated closer to the source of light, an intense feeling of unconditional love and euphoria encompassed my being. It was greater than any feeling we experience here on earth. Even at the intensity level being shared with me, I had the distinct awareness that my guys and gals in spirit were only providing a fraction of the feelings which accompany an ascension to Heaven, not only because it was not my time to cross over, but also because they do not want me longing too much for Heaven when I have things to do here on earth.

As I reached the pinnacle of light, I knew I was reaching the stage at which people enter “the tunnel.” The journey through the tunnel is a time of positive reflection of our souls with God and the Angels, as well as a welcoming to Heaven. The amount of time we spend in the tunnel is unique to each soul; however, the impressions I have been provided through separate meditations and visions is that this is a comforting experience designed to help us transition to Heaven after life on earth. It includes a montage of happy memories from our time on earth, unique personal experiences with God and the Angels, and preparatory information about what to expect upon our arrival in Heaven.

In this vision, I did not go through the tunnel nor was I provided additional information about the experience. Instead, this particular journey seemed to fast-forward to my arrival in Heaven after the tunnel. With the white light still surrounding me, I saw a circular opening ahead which widened as I approached. It was filled with brilliant colors. As I got closer, I could see many of my loved ones in spirit on the other side of the opening. They were there to greet me upon my arrival to Heaven. Everyone in attendance was smiling and expressing joy and happiness at my homecoming.

The Gala Celebration

The imagery and impressions then morphed into the celebratory gala held in our honor after we cross over into Heaven. The gala is a magnificent reunion with all the people and animals whose lived we touched, as well as those who had a positive influence on our lives. Everyone was dressed in white clothing in styles that reflected the preferences of the person or being. Most of the people and animals appeared to me as a younger version of themselves, such as when they were in their prime on earth. Even though they were younger, I recognized them for who they were.

As I sat in the chair of honor on a raised dais, each being approached me one at a time to express their personal messages of how I affected their lives or how they affected mine. Love, understanding, and appreciation flowed with each heartfelt communication. There was music and a very jovial atmosphere at the gathering. As I looked around at those included in the gala, I asked my best friend in spirit, Al, if people we do not want to see will be at the gala, such as those who brought deep pain or anguish to our lives.

Why Forgiveness Matters

As a side note, in my lifetime, I have learned to release through forgiveness all the pain, anger, and upset toward those who have hurt me. Carrying the negative emotions only affected me, not the person who harmed me. It is important to note that forgiveness is not a condoning of someone’s actions. It means releasing the hold their actions had on my life and looking toward the positive lessons I learned through these experiences. I do not need to be in the presence of the person or people who hurt me to release through forgiveness. I send forgiveness from the heart of my spirit to theirs during meditation. It is a freeing experience that may need to be conducted more than once as situations can arise which bring all the emotions and memories to the forefront. When this happens, I re-release the forgiveness and again look toward the lessons I am to be learning or still need to learn through these experiences. Moving past the negativity helped me to recognize the reasons why I needed to learn particular lessons in order to become the person I am today. These lessons, which are written in my soul contract, were designed to instigate soul growth and evolution. As a result, when negative circumstances arise, I ask myself what I am supposed to be learning in order to recognize the higher purpose for the events.

Seeing Those You Might Not Want to See

Even though I have forgiven someone for their actions, it does not necessarily mean I want to spend time with them in Heaven or have them in attendance for the gala celebration. This is true for many people who have been on the receiving end of pain from someone in their lifetime. It is for this purpose the original question arose in the workshop. In answer to the question I posed to Al while at my gala celebration, he shifted the scene once again. This time, I was in one of my visions of my personal Heaven. It was the beautiful space I visualize myself in when I meditate and ask to speak with my Heavenly Support Team. It was a grassy meadow, lush with tall grasses swaying in the breeze, wildflowers in many hues, the sun shining with soft puffy clouds in the cornflower blue sky, and a tall, leafy maple tree offering shade over a comfortable bench. As I strolled up the path leading to the maple tree, a figure was approaching me. It was a person who had brought great pain to my life and the lives of others. As I stood on the path, I sensed I had in some way purposefully opened the door to this encounter. I had the distinct knowing that event was occurring after the gala celebration and after my life review, which is an objective look at the lessons I learned or need to continue to work on from the soul contract I agreed to prior to my lifetime on earth. This soul, who was not in attendance at the gala, was coming to me at a time when I was ready to objectively discuss the events which occurred between us on earth. There was a feeling of serenity and a willingness to allow the full healing of our souls through higher understanding.

Healing and Understanding

Throughout this experience, which is one of the many ways in which I receive information about the Other Side, the purpose of our existence, and what happens beyond life on earth, I was being granted glimpses of what happens to our souls as we cross over, as well as what happens after we transition to Heaven. The original question about the various levels of Heaven remains to be answered, while the second one about whether we see people we do not want to see was answered through this meditation journey.

The healing and understanding which takes place in Heaven provides answers for our souls. It enables us to see and appreciate the bigger picture regarding the purposes of our existence. This experience is not limited to Heaven. While on earth, if we look for the positive reasons behind negative circumstances and learn to forgive ourselves and others for our transgressions, whether big or small, we can achieve a state of profound understanding and inner peace. As human beings, we will continually face situations designed to help us grow; however, it is up to us whether we will learn or repeat patterns until growth is achieved in this lifetime or the next. As to whether we will see people we do not want to see in Heaven, yes, but only when our souls are ready for the healing which comes through higher understanding and knowledge.

From the heart of my spirit to yours,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

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