Can Loved Ones in Spirit See Us from Heaven?

Karen T. Hluchan
5 min readAug 21, 2019
Guardian angel volunteering

When our loved ones in spirit cross over into Heaven, there is an amazing transformation which takes place. Not only are their souls released from their physical bodies and continue on in energy form, but they also gain great insight into the inner workings of Heaven and Earth. Knowledge is revealed about the purposes of their lives, why events occurred the ways they did, and the lessons contained within their soul contracts. Through the process of gaining greater understanding of reasons for events on earth, they often volunteer to help their loved ones who are still there. The love which connected souls while on earth is a bond that remains between souls. Because of this, our loved ones in spirit can gain access to our lives from the other plane in order to help guide us and provide assistance when they can.

Watching Over Us as Guardian Angels

Once in Heaven, our loved ones in spirit can volunteer to be our guardian angels. By volunteering for this job, they agree to watch over us and help us when needed. This does not mean, though, that they can interfere with lessons we need to learn for our souls. They can assist us by providing signs and messages to help us to navigate our lives, steer us toward positive opportunities through urges to take action, and help avert certain events. All actions they take are orchestrated in tandem with our soul contracts, which are overseen by the Archangels who grant permission for the assistance. In order to help us, guardian angels need to be able to see events which are occurring, as well as understand events from the past which influence our decisions and be given glimpses into potential future events.

Past Life Pavilion

Loved ones in spirit who volunteer to be guardian angels can visit the Hall of Records where all Akashic Records are stored. These records contain information about our past lives and current lives, including the soul contracts we agreed to prior to life on earth. When visiting the Hall of Records, guardian angels can enter the Past Life Pavilion to learn more about us and what motivates the actions we take in order to better assist us on earth. These actions are performed with love and should not be viewed as an invasion of privacy. It comes from the desire to help through a deeper understanding of who we are as souls.

While bringing through communications from loved ones on the Other Side, also known as a reading, the loved ones in spirit have shown me specific scenes from the past in which they were not present for but have greatly affected the recipient of the reading. They show these scenes to indicate their knowledge of the past events, as well as to assist with any residual circumstances currently affecting the recipient.

Additionally, loved ones in spirit often like to share scenes of events which have occurred since they have passed in order to demonstrate not only their awareness of the events, but also that they were present in spirit when the events took place. The events shown range from simple occurrences, such as the purchase of new décor for the home or the habit of speaking to the photograph of a loved one in spirit, to more complex situations, such as the outcomes of lawsuits over their estates and actions taken by the parties involved.

Loved Ones in Spirit are Around You More than You Think

Even if you are not aware of their presence, loved ones in spirit are around you quite often. It is important to note that they do respect your privacy, especially those times of intimate behaviors which are not meant for public viewing.

All loved ones in spirit can see us from the Other Side, not just those who have volunteered to be guardian angels. They love us and want to know how we are doing. Loved ones in spirit often visit us on earth to let us know they are around and that they love us. They use signs to let you know they are around, such as visual images and music which reminds you of them, scents in the air, cravings for food they used to cook, and feeling their presence. They also check in on other living family members, including significant others, children, and grandchildren, even if they did not have a chance to meet them while they were alive. They are certainly aware of their presence and importance in your life.

Loved ones in spirit can be in more than once place at a time and can quickly move from one place to another because they are in energy form. When giving a reading over the phone, they often provide me with images showing the location of the recipient, including the layout of the room, specific furniture or knick-knacks and more. They do this to let the recipient know they are there with them, even though their communications are being received by me.

Messages about the Future

Loved ones in spirit who are guardian angels can also provide information about events which will be occurring in the future. They view these in the Hall of Records or are provided the information by the Archangels or God. Loved ones in spirit provide details to the affected parties through dreams and visions, as well as through communications with spirit mediums. It is very important to note that they cannot and will not show every occurrence that will happen in our lives. There are several reasons for this:

· Some events are destined while others are based on freewill decisions and our current path. When we agree to life lessons in our soul contracts before we are born, they are written in outline form. Events are then orchestrated on earth in real time to help us learn those lessons. If we do not learn a particular lesson, circumstances will be repeated in different ways until we do. Therefore, some future events may change based on our freewill decisions.

· When revealing glimpses of the future, guardian angels must be given permission to share these pieces of information. Permission is granted by the Archangels only when the information will not interfere with our life lessons.

· If guardian angels showed us everything about our lives, there would be no purpose for us to be here. We all have lessons to learn which require us to make freewill decisions. They can attempt to assist us; however, they cannot show us everything because it may influence actions or reactions which are critical to our learning process.

Taking Comfort in Their Presence

Our loved ones in spirit, especially those who have volunteered to be guardian angels, love to help us with our lives. The love we share with them bonds us together through the hearts of our spirits. Even though they are enjoying their time in Heaven, they know life on earth can be challenging and they want to be there for us to assist in any way they can. Their presence in our lives is a comforting one, as it fosters the love between us and gives proof of our souls’ existence beyond life on earth. Pay attention to the signs and the patterns which reveal their presence in your life. Your angels and loved ones are there for you and are doing their best to provide guidance and opportunities for your spiritual growth.

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



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