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Communicating Across Dimensions: Are Readings Over the Phone and Video Chat as Effective as an In-Person Reading?

Can readings by a Spirit Medium over the phone or using video chat services be as effective and powerful as those received in-person? The short answer is yes, and it has everything to do with the way loved ones in spirit and the angels transmit information to the Spirit Medium.

How Loved Ones in Spirit Communicate

When loved ones in spirit are bringing through information to me, they are using all my extrasensory and earthly senses. This complex form of communication occurs through the transference of energy for a richer experience of detail and firsthand knowledge from the source of the information. Because loved ones in spirit and the angels do not have physical voice boxes, the information is transmitted soul-to-soul using a form of telepathic transmission utilizing all the senses. I often tell people that it is not like a fireside chat in which loved ones in spirit or the angels are using only words to convey information. Instead, it is like an abstract puzzle which needs to be put together through internal impressions of images, sounds, feelings, physical indicators, tastes, and smells sent to provide identifying information, as well as messages and guidance. Here are some examples of how loved ones in spirit provide information.

Extrasensory Seeing

In my mind’s eye, also referred to as the third eye, I see images which provide detailed information about what loved ones in spirit looked like in life usually close to the time of their passing, scenes from their lifetime to help with the identification process (jobs, hobbies, objects, houses they lived in, etc.), images of recent events the recipient of the reading participated in to demonstrate they have been visiting from heaven, images of future events, and symbols to indicate personality traits and their relationship with the recipient of the reading.

Extrasensory Hearing

They send sounds, which I hear internally, such as songs, words in other languages to indicate they spoke a language other than English, names of people and pets, metal hitting metal to indicate they worked with metal in their lifetime, words and phrases they used, specific messages to their loved ones on earth, and much more. It is interesting to note when communicating with someone who spoke a language other than English, I hear a few words in the other language or languages to provide the identifying information, then the language switches to English for me to comprehend the information coming through.

Extrasensory Feeling

Physically, I receive indicators of how loved ones in spirit passed, including pins and needles-like tingling in an area affected by cancer, pressure in the region of my heart if they experienced a heart attack, or achiness in the kidneys if they were failing at the end. I can also experience indicators such as slight shortness of breath or brief dizziness as experienced by the loved one in spirit, as well as hundreds of other physical indicators a loved one in spirit experienced around the time of their passing. It is important to note that as a professional Spirit Medium, I have learned how to tell the difference between the physical indicators they send as opposed to issues I may be personally experiencing with my own health.

In addition to physical indicators, I get a good feel for their personalities, as well as what loved ones in spirit were experiencing emotionally and mentally not only at the end of their life, but also during specific situations they are bringing to my attention to share with the recipient. Loved ones in spirit who had a good sense of humor love to bring that through. People who were grouchy toward the end or throughout life, usually just show me or tell me that instead of bringing those emotions through to be felt and experienced.

Extrasensory Tasting and Smelling

Taste and smell do come into play as well. For example, if a loved one in spirit was a good cook or baker, had a sweet tooth, drank alcohol, used mothballs, or smoked, they will transmit the taste and smell to me, usually accompanied by images or words.

Unique Details for Soul-Healing Experiences and Guidance

The level of detail of the information coming through is amazing and unique to the loved one in spirit. Often, when providing these impressions, they use multiple senses at a time to convey a more complete situational view in a first-person perspective from the loved one in spirit. I do not control or filter the information they bring. As the receiver of the information, it is my job to describe, in as much detail as possible, all the impressions and transmissions I am receiving. This occurs when I am sitting with the recipient in person, or over the phone, or while using video chat services.

Physical Distance is Not an Issue

I do not need to be in someone’s physical presence for the information to come through with clarity. It comes through the same way, and I describe it the same way, as I do when the recipient is in my physical presence. Loved ones in spirit and the angels can see us and know when we are sitting for a reading. In fact, they are most likely the ones who prompted you to receive their communications from the Other Side. When loved ones in spirit or the angels want to get messages to you, they speak to my guys and gals in heaven and begin the process of facilitating our meeting. Therefore, when you sit for a reading, they are already present and ready to transmit information and messages.

Remember, your loved ones in spirit are communicating across dimensions. Physical distance between those of us on earth has no impact on the information coming through. It is also good to know when you sit for a reading, your loved ones in spirit are with you, no matter where you are. They can be in your presence and still communicate with me across any distance because there truly is no separation between us. We are all connected through the hearts of our spirits using an invisible network which connects us all.

Just as Powerful

Over the years, I have experienced many powerful readings over the phone and using video chat services. One of my favorite examples from a phone reading include a woman whose husband was coming through in spirit. After bringing through information about what he looked like, his personality, who he was to her, how he passed, what he did for a living, and more, she was able to definitively identify and claim him as her deceased husband. Once he was identified, we moved into the second phase of bringing through the messages he had for her. In the process of bringing through messages, he conveyed to me that he was with her right at that moment and showed me an image of her. I described what I was seeing and what he was conveying. The description included the room she was in and the layout, the clothes she was wearing, and her hair color and style, as well as her physique. She was stunned because the description was accurate. There was no way I could know that information because she was thousands of miles away and I had never met her. This was a very powerful moment in her reading, because she knew, without a doubt, her husband in spirit was in her presence at that very moment.

In every reading, unique information is shared by loved ones in spirit that help you to know it is truly them. It is important to note, though, that demanding certain information from loved ones in spirit, such as a code word or song as proof it is them, often backfires as your loved ones in spirit will bring what they want to bring, not necessarily what you demand. In life, people do not always behave in a way you expect, and it is the same when they are coming through in spirit. There are important soul-level reasons for the information they bring and there are often messages within the messages pointing to specific situations, personality traits, and more that loved ones in spirit convey during a reading. Moreover, they will bring through unique information to help you identify them. It is information that I would have no prior knowledge of, such as descriptions of houses they grew up in, pets, jobs, hobbies, specific objects they owned, descriptions of siblings and children on earth that I never met, meaningful situations in which only you and your loved one in spirit were present for, and so much more. This is their way of letting you know it is really them. It is important to remain open to who comes through for you, as well as their messages. They know better than you what you need to hear and who you need to hear it from in order to bring healing and guidance to you and your loved ones on earth on a soul level. When they are taking the time and energy to communicate across dimensions, it is often a much deeper experience than most people expect.

Communicating with the Archangels

When connecting with the Archangels for an Angel Reading about guidance for your life, the communications come through in the same manner using all my extrasensory senses and earthly senses. They send detailed impressions of current and future events, answers to questions about your life and the lives of those you love, and much more. The Archangels are very fluid in their communications because they have more experience communicating across dimensions. Again, I do not need to be in the physical presence of the recipient of the reading to receive this information. As the receiver, the information is sent to me regardless of where I am or where you are in the world.

Love is the Key Element

Throughout all the communications from the Other Side, love is the key element which makes spirit to spirit communication possible. We are all created from love and are love. It is the essence of our spirits. The information transmitted across dimensions is done so with love and with the aim of bringing healing and guidance to your life. When you sit for a reading, whether in person, over the phone, or using video chat services, it is through love that this information is transmitted — your love for your loved ones in spirit and the angels, their love for you, and my love for all beings both here and in heaven.

Sending much love and many blessings to you!

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

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