Do Animals Reincarnate?

Karen T. Hluchan
5 min readFeb 18, 2020
Black kitten sitting and looking up at the camera

In order to grow and evolve as souls, we opt to leave Heaven for lifetimes on Earth or other locations within the universe. The forms we take and the ways we look may change; however, our personalities remain the same. We travel together with our main soul groups, which are comprised of our closest friends and family members, including pets, to help each other with lessons and to provide support and love. As human beings, we usually wait for our loved ones on Earth to reunite with us in Heaven prior to reincarnating. The same is usually true for our pets; however, there are unique instances in which a pet can reincarnate more than once in our lifetimes.

An Important Part of Our Spiritual Families

Our pets are an important part of our spiritual family. They, too, reincarnate with us to provide companionship, love, and lessons for our souls. Their short lifespans on this planet provide them with the time and opportunities to be reunited with us more than once in our lifetimes. For this to happen, though, there must be a very strong bond between souls, as well as special reasons for the reincarnation of a beloved pet within our lifetimes.

Life Purposes for Animals

Animals have special purposes on Earth. Beyond the beauty of nature and how they support the Earth with their presence and activities, they are tasked with helping to teach us about unconditional love. They also teach us important lessons about grieving and death when they leave this world. They are unique souls who, at times, save lives and bring the healing our souls need. To me, these souls with special tasks present themselves as little angels on Earth who help us through the difficult times and were sent to us to intervene during times of great importance. Through meditations, I have been given insight into different forms these souls have taken in previous existences, including human forms. It is entirely possible for a soul to opt to take the form of a beloved pet in order to spend time with a soul on Earth and to help them, but not to live an entire human lifetime with them.

Deeper Spiritual Meanings

Beyond their supportive presence, there are spiritual meanings behind both wild and domesticated animals in our lives which provide messages and guidance from our Heavenly Support Team of God, the angels, past spiritual masters, spirit guides, and loved ones in spirit. Often, loved ones in spirit and the angels use the animals to send us messages. If you are repeatedly seeing a particular animal or if one makes its presence known to you in an unusual way, I recommend looking up the spiritual meaning of the animal, which is based upon its habitat, behaviors, and personality traits. For instance, the robin is often a sign of spring which points to new beginnings and growth.

When Pets Reincarnate

When a beloved pet reincarnates for another lifetime with us on Earth, their personality traits and behaviors are very similar to the way they were in their most previous lifetime; however, they are not an exact replica of personality traits and behaviors because as souls, they have evolved and grown. This is the same with all souls. Our experiences throughout our lifetimes and in Heaven expand our knowledge and provide deeper understanding about our existence.

Recently, I adopted a kitten named Panther from a local rescue. His personality traits and behaviors are strikingly similar to my cat, Shadow, who passed away in 2015. Panther came into my life at a time when I was not looking to adopt; however, I kept receiving very strong and repeated signs that he was the one for me. Having learned to listen to these promptings from my Heavenly Support Team, I made the decision to adopt him and welcome him into my home. When I first met him at the rescue, he was skittish and did not like to be held for long. Having rescued formerly feral cats in the past, I was used to this behavior and knew he just needed a little loving care and patience to help him be more comfortable with human interaction. Once I got him home, I kept him in a separate room to help him acclimate to his new surroundings and to give my other cats a chance to get used to his presence and scent in my home. After getting approval from my veterinarian, I gradually introduced him to my other cats. In what I consider to be a very short time, he was welcomed by them into the family. It was the quickest acceptance I have ever witnessed when integrating cats with one another. Not only that, Panther overcame his skittishness and is a very loving and sociable kitten who loves to be around people and loves to snuggle.

From the start, I kept getting the impression that Panther may be Shadow reincarnated. His mannerisms and behaviors are incredibly similar to Shadow’s. He even follows me wherever I go. When I asked my Heavenly Support Team if Panther was Shadow, the answer was yes. They also provided the insights about how Panther’s knowledge of his previous life was veiled from him in order to provide a new experience for his soul. My other cats in the home knew and loved Shadow. As with humans, they experienced the instant bond that comes with meeting a soul they have known previously, which is why the integration into the family was the smoothest I had ever witnessed. Even the name “Panther,” which he came with, was no coincidence as I used to refer to Shadow as my little panther.

When Shadow was living with me before, our bond was very strong from the start as I rescued him when he was two weeks old. As I nurtured him through those early weeks and throughout his life, he truly became my shadow as he followed me everywhere. I had always felt we had been together in past lives. Later in his life Shadow literally saved my life, for which I am eternally grateful. Part of his purpose was to be there for me when I needed him most, like an angel on earth. When he crossed over into Heaven, I grieved the loss of his physical presence here on Earth. It was time for my friend and angel to return to Heaven.

One last aspect I find absolutely intriguing is the small brown patch of fur on Panther’s front right shoulder which is the exact shape of a patch of lighter hair Shadow had on his front left shoulder due to a tumor that was removed. It is a perfect mirroring of a very unusual and specific marking on two very remarkable black cats.

The Many Lifetimes We Live Together

Both people and animals reincarnate for many lifetimes. We are all souls working our way through lessons together and we all serve a purpose in the bigger picture. The love we share bonds our souls in amazing ways and can even result in many loving lifetimes together.

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

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