Do the Energies of our Loved Ones in Spirit Remain within Objects They Owned or within Photographs?

Karen T. Hluchan
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Psychometry, which is the ability to retrieve information about beings and events through the touching of an object, can be performed by Spirit Mediums, who communicate soul-to-soul with beings in spirit. The ability works through the energy stored within an object by the being who used it, whether living or deceased.

A World of Energy

Everything in existence is comprised of energy. As we go through our daily lives, we encounter the energies of others and emit our own. The transference of energy from person-to-person can occur easily within certain circumstances, such as when we are emotionally moved by a theatrical performance or concert, when we are sharing a joyful moment with family or friends, or when we are experiencing a situation which causes negative emotions to emerge. Energy transference can also occur from people to objects and objects to people. For example, when you enter a particular building, such as a home or workplace, there is a vibe or overall feeling you can receive about the premises. This is coming from energy stored in the objects and location from the people who occupied the space in the past or the present. Energy transfers also occur with objects kept in very close proximity to a person or animal. Jewelry, watches, glasses, cellphones, well-used furniture (e.g., favorite chair or bed), pet collars, pet beds, and pet toys usually maintain strong storage of the energy of a being because they are kept close to the body. More mundane objects, such as checkbooks, cologne or perfume bottles, or wall calendars, do not contain a lot of stored energy because even though they were used often, they were not in repetitive close contact with the person or animal.

How Psychometry Works

When a spirit medium touches or holds an object with the specific intention of retrieving information about a person or pet, they are using their extrasensory senses to tap into the energies stored within the object. When doing this with an object which belongs to a person or animal who is deceased, they can also connect with the soul of the being to receive communications. The process starts with the retrieval of information stored within the object which can reveal scenes, emotions, and events from the past. They then ask the being in spirit who is connected to the object if they would like to share communications with the person who provided the object. If they do decide to step up to communicate, which most of the time they do, even more information is transmitted from the being in spirit about their life, including but not limited to, who they were in life, activities they participated in, memories of events, how they passed, and much more. Once the connection is established with the person or animal in spirit, and the person or recipient of the reading who brought the object to the spirit medium confirms or validates the identity of the deceased loved one, then the spirit medium asks the being in spirit what messages they would like to share. The messages are transmitted in the same way the information from the past was sent, which includes the use of all the extrasensory senses of clear seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, smelling, and knowing.

Cleansing of Energy from Objects or Locations

There are cases in which locations and objects can store a tremendous amount of negative energies from emotionally charged events or troubling circumstances, such as violent encounters or people who experienced great distress or despair. The objects and locations can be cleansed of these energies in a variety of ways; however, at the same time, it can also remove important historical information which can provide valuable insights into events from the past. The information, if cleansed, can sometimes be retrieved but it is much more challenging to do so because the spirit medium would need to dig below the layer of cleansing and reach out in spirit to those who were affected by the tragedies to piece together the circumstances. One of the most effective ways to cleanse an object or location of negative or unwanted energies is to use energy healing, such as Reiki. There are other spiritual or ceremonial actions which can be taken to cleanse a space, including calling upon ancestors, spirit guides, or Archangels. The process can differ across the world depending upon the cultural norms and practices of the location.


The process of using photographs to connect with a person or animal in spirit differs from psychometry because it does not involve the retrieval of energy or information from an object. It is a method for spirit mediums to connect with a specific loved one in spirit for a recipient in which the spirit medium requests the presence of the person or animal in the photograph to see if they would like to share communications. Our energies or pieces of our souls are not trapped or contained in the photograph in any way. They are a tool that can be used to create a connection between the spirit medium, the loved one in spirit, and the recipient of a reading.

Are Psychometry or Photographs Necessary to Connect with Loved Ones in Spirit?

Spirit Mediums do not need objects or photographs to communicate with loved ones in spirit. Those in spirit will come forward on their own to communicate during a reading because they orchestrated the events which brough the spirit medium and recipient together. The use of objects or photos can be employed as tools to assist with a direct connection with a specific loved one in spirit; however, they are not required or necessary.


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Karen T. Hluchan

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