Exploring the Great Mysteries: Why Spirit Communication Uses All the Senses

Karen T. Hluchan
6 min readFeb 26, 2019

When loved ones communicate from the Other Side, they use all the senses to bring through identifying information, as well as messages for their loved ones here on earth. Recently, a client asked me why they do that rather than sharing information through straightforward conversation using words alone. If they can transmit words and phrases, why don’t they just do that instead of using all my senses to transmit messages and information?

How Spirit Communication Works

As a spirit medium, I receive and share communications from the Other Side on a daily basis, not only for myself, but also for clients interested in connecting with their deceased loved ones. It is a complex form of communication utilizing all the senses to transmit information across dimensions from one being to another. Images of deceased loved ones are sent to my mind’s eye, also referred to as the Third Eye, to provide a description of what they looked like in life. They also send images of activities they participated in while on earth, places they lived, jobs they worked, hobbies, and more, to help with the identification process. Words, phrases, meaningful songs, and sound effects are used to enhance and add to the information coming through. In addition, physical indicators are provided to indicate how they passed, as well as if there was anything unusual about their physical condition that would be noteworthy in order to help identify them. I receive a good feel for their personality traits, as well as memories associated with specific tastes and scents. The information needs to be pieced together like an abstract puzzle in order to identify the loved ones coming through, as well as to interpret the messages they are sending. All this information is transmitted from their spirit to mine through the invisible network which connects all of us to one another.

When my client asked why loved ones in spirit communicate in such an elaborate way instead of just stating the information in a straightforward manner, it got me to thinking. Why don’t they do that? It would certainly be easier than piecing together the bits of information to identify them and bring through messages. To me, the way they communicated using all my senses was a given. I never questioned it. I accepted it without question as their preferred method of communication. When presented with this question, I asked my heavenly Support Team for the answers.

Receiving Answers

The most immediate answer I received was that spirit communication is part of the great mysteries. By that, I mean the great mysteries of our existence. For example, the reasons for our existence, why we are experiencing life on earth, and whether heaven exists. As human beings, we are on a spiritual journey on earth to grow as souls. We experience a myriad of challenges and victories designed to help us to discover our strengths and weaknesses, to learn to love ourselves and others, and to help us discover within ourselves our connection with the divine and beliefs about what exists beyond life on earth. Faith is a significant part of our lessons. Throughout our lives we face a multitude of situations designed to build or instill faith. The gift of free will enables us to decide for ourselves what to believe or disbelieve.

Knowledge Is Veiled to Provide a Blank Canvas for Learning

When we were born, the knowledge we had of heaven was temporarily veiled from us. This is done to provide us with the maximum amount of opportunities to grow as souls, because if we came down here knowing everything, there would be nothing to strive toward. Part of our spiritual journey includes the quest to rediscover the hidden knowledge about the existence of worlds and beings beyond our earthly existence. Because life is a journey based on free will choices about whether to believe or disbelieve in something greater than us, we are given glimpses or hints of the extraordinary through miracles, near death experiences, dreams, visions, and spirit communications and signs, including uncanny circumstances that have no earthly explanation. These experiences are designed to inspire us to think, question our beliefs, reinforce our faith, or provide answers to questions about our lives.

Leaving Room for Questions

The phenomenon of spirit communication provides proof of our existence beyond life on earth, but it also leaves room for questions. It is the universal language of the soul which transcends ordinary verbal communication in order to provide in-depth first-person perspectives from the deceased loved one. Unique identifying information, which would not be known to the spirit medium but known to the recipient of the reading or their loved ones, is shared to provide proof of the deceased loved one’s continued existence in spirit. It could be the description of a specific episode in the life of the recipient or the recipient’s relatives in which only they were present and no one else has knowledge of its occurrence.

The very richness of the communications using all the senses provides a fully immersive perspective from the sender, which allows for seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, smelling, and knowing information about the past, present, and future. Language barriers do not exist, as any words or phrases brought through are automatically translated into a language the spirit medium understands. This is true for deceased loved ones who spoke a different language, as well as animals who also have the ability to communicate spirit-to-spirit. The incredible experience of communicating spirit-to-spirit goes beyond two-dimensional verbal communications to a fully immersive experience providing detailed sensory impressions of actual experiences of the deceased, as well as information and guidance about the future. The process itself is awe-inspiring and humbling, as it brings forth knowledge and proof of that which exists beyond life on earth. In view of our purpose in life to journey onward as souls gathering knowledge and basing our spiritual beliefs upon our experiences, it makes sense that spirit communication is part of the great mysteries. It provides extraordinary insights and knowledge which inspires us to think and to determine for ourselves if we are believers.

Signs and Messages to Loved Ones on Earth

When loved in spirit send signs or bring through messages directly to their loved ones on earth, without the help of a trained spirit medium, they use all the senses. For example, they will place a scent in the air which reminds the receiver of the scent of a loved one in spirit, such as their specific cologne or perfume, cigarette smoke, flowers, or food baking or cooking. The scents piped into the air usually do not fit within the environment in which they are experienced. For example, one morning I smelled brownies baking in my kitchen, even though no one in the house was cooking or baking and had not for hours, and all the windows were closed, meaning the scent was not wafting in from a neighbor’s home. There were no candles lit or any other devices which would have piped the scent into the air. There was no earthly origin for that scent. It immediately brought to mind my father’s mother, who loved to bake and cook. It was her way of letting me know she was around.

Because loved ones in spirit utilize all our senses to communicate, they have a vast treasure trove of methods for getting our attention in order to let us know of their existence beyond life on earth. These occurrences, which are not coincidences, inspire awe and wonder about the great mysteries, which is exactly what they are designed to do. Through the gift of free will, human beings have the ability to believe or disbelieve the information being provided. Instead of providing all the answers in a straightforward manner, beings in spirit employ communication methodologies which encourage the inner journey of determining personal faith and beliefs. Again, this quest to rediscover the knowledge within our souls is part of our spiritual journey as human beings and is written into our soul contracts of lessons for this lifetime.

It is an Honor

For me, the ability to communicate spirit-to-spirit is a unique gift and an honor. It enables me to help others on earth to better understand our universe, how spirit communication works, our soul purposes, and evidence of what exists beyond life on earth. It does not mean I am all-knowing. Like you, I am on a spiritual journey to rediscover the hidden knowledge of the great mysteries. Being able to communicate directly with beings in spirit fulfills the calling bestowed upon me in this lifetime to be the bridge between this world and the next. It enables me to help others with their spiritual journeys, while also encouraging my own explorations into the deeper meanings behind our existence.

May your own journey include many inspiring moments of wonder and awe, as well as encouragement to explore beyond the ordinary experiences of life to reveal the extraordinary mysteries of the universe.


With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

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