Finding Moments of Serenity in a Challenging World

Karen T. Hluchan
4 min readMar 17, 2024


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Life on this earth can be very challenging and trying. Between the seeming mountains of responsibility, the complicated relationship dynamics, and an inordinate amount of negativity on the internet and television, it can seem like an insurmountable task to find serenity within our souls. While we are here to learn lessons for our souls, we do not have to take the hard road or get swallowed up by the less than wonderful moments in our lives. Nor do we need to expose ourselves to other people’s agendas that are based on fear rather than love. We can choose to find the positive reasons for negative circumstances — yes, they do exist, and if you look for them, you will find them. We can also choose to carve out moments of happiness for ourselves to keep us going, lighten our hearts, and create joyful memories we can call upon when times get rough.

Events on Earth Can Be Frustrating

As you know, we do not always get what we want, when we want it. This can be frustrating at best and crushing at worst. It is the human ego within us demanding that our needs and wants are immediately met. Unfortunately, we are often disappointed when this does not occur. What can we do to ride out the storm while retaining hope for the future? Often, it takes a reminder that the circumstances we face have to do with soul contracts put in place prior to our birth. These contracts dictate the lessons we will learn for our souls while residing on Earth. Since Heaven is a very happy place, it is challenging for us to learn the hard and fast lessons that life on earth offers. That is why we face obstacles and trying circumstances here. This does not mean, though, that our lives are meant to be devoid of happiness. We are meant to overcome the challenges we face with love and hope, as well as the understanding that there are important reasons for events to occur. Sometimes we need to gather our inner strength to have patience and faith in beneficial outcomes.

Finding the Reasons

When I find myself becoming frustrated with trying circumstances, I remind myself to step back and stop worrying. God and the angels know what we need, and they will provide it when the time is right for us. When I look back on my life, I can see how events lined up to bring me to where I am today. I can also understand why certain circumstances had to occur when they did because they gave me the skills I needed for future endeavors. When I was going through tough times, it was difficult for me to understand the positive reasons for their occurrence. It is only through time and thoughtful examination that the true, positive reasons revealed themselves to me. However, I had to look for them. If I were to allow myself to get lost in negative thoughts, it would be very hard for me to ever see the positive meanings behind any circumstances.

Relinquish Control and Breathe

By letting go of our desire to control certain outcomes, we clear the way for the universe to step in and deliver improved circumstances. This does not mean we give up. It means getting out of our own way when the path is not clear. When situations become overwhelmingly challenging, try to relinquish control of how you want events to go, focus on what you can do, and open your mind to different solutions. Repeated fretting and worrying about what may or may not happen does not change circumstances. Try to focus on the present moment and solutions you can put into action instead of focusing solely on the problems. A great way to bring your focus back to the present is to simply breathe. Place your hands on the heart of your spirit (center of your chest) and concentrate on your breath as you inhale in through your nose. Envision positive energy flowing in as the air flows into your body. Take a brief pause, then exhale through your mouth while envisioning the release of negative energies. Your breathing should sound like an ocean wave. You can even envision an ocean wave as you use this exercise to relax and refocus. This “Finding Your Center” meditation is great to use for calming anxieties, focusing your energy on the present, and helping you speak from the heart.

You Are Given the Power to Succeed

When God wants you to do something, you will be given the abilities, the strength of will, and the resources to do it. It just may not be in the form you think. Our Archangels and guides are working hard to place us in situations designed to help us grow and learn as souls, while also providing situations that motivate and encourage us on our paths. It is quite amazing to see how events in our lives build upon one another, leading us to the next steps and providing us with the experience we need for the future.

Serenity is Vital to Your Path

It is important for your overall wellbeing to create moments of serenity, especially when you feel most anxious or harried by the events of life. Remember, you have an incredible team of heavenly beings that love and support you. It is their desire to help guide you to the best possible paths for you. You can help them with their efforts by learning how to create and invite moments of calm in your life. It is in the stillness that you are most receptive to the guidance that can lead you out of the darkness and into the light.

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan

International Spirit Medium, Paranormal Investigator, Reiki Master, Spiritual Artist, Motivational Speaker, & Author of How Have You Loved?



Karen T. Hluchan

I am a international Spirit Medium, Reiki master, paranormal investigator, motivational speaker, spiritual artist, and author of “How Have You Loved?”