How Heavenly Beings Help You Every Day

Karen T. Hluchan
7 min readJul 22, 2019
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Have ever had a hunch or received a thought that let you know in advance of an event that is going to occur? Have you ever found yourself in the perfect place at the perfect time? There are no coincidences in this world. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, your Heavenly Support Team, made up of God, the Archangels, guardian angels, past spiritual masters, spirit guides, and loved ones in spirit, help you with your life every day. They do this through repetitive external signs, strong urges, and messages sent through the invisible network that connects all of us to them, as well as every being.

Magic Occurs Every Day

There is magic in this world. Our guys and gals in Heaven help to orchestrate events in our lives in order to help us to better navigate this world. They do it because they love us and want to help us. Even though they are in Heaven, they know life on Earth can be challenging. They enjoy the benefits of Heaven, but also use their wonderful access to knowledge about our lives from the Akashic Records in the Hall of Records to give us a heads up or steer us into situations which will benefit us and those around us. We are not alone in this world. We have entire teams of beings who help us from the Other Side.

Opening Up to the Amazing Guidance

To access this extraordinary information, you need to remain open to the possibilities. The more you live your life in the present and pay attention to the world around you, the more you will receive the signs and messages, as well as understand the guidance. Moreover, learning about how your Heavenly Support Team communicates with you will help you to decipher what they are trying to share with you. The language of spirit-to-spirit communication is one of the senses, both earthly and extrasensory. We are all born with these earthly and extrasensory senses. You can learn how to access them by educating yourself about the language of the soul.

All Senses are Utilized — Earthly and Extrasensory

On Earth, we rely mainly on our physical senses — seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, and tasting — to navigate the world around us. The stimulus around us sends signals to our brains to help us interpret the information. For example, when you smell a rose, the scent molecules your nose inhales send signals to the receptors in your brain. Simultaneously, your eyes see the rose and, if you reach out and touch it, your fingers feel it. All of this information is transmitted to your brain, pieced together, and filed within your mind to form a memory. When you encounter this flower again or have an experience that triggers this memory, your mind brings forth the files providing recognition of this previously encountered flower.

Extrasensory senses mirror our physical senses; however, the information is received internally through the invisible network that connects us all. Instead of external stimuli, the information is seen within the mind’s eye, felt within the body, heard within the mind, and smelled and tasted internally. There is an additional extrasensory sense, which is claircognizance or clear-knowing. This consists of information that is known within and emerges without previous thought.

Many people receive psychic or intuitive messages; however, they may not understand where the information comes from. Awareness of how the information is being received helps in the educational process about spirit to spirit communication along the invisible network which connects us to all beings in existence.

Telepathic Connections

The easiest way to give a basic understanding of spirit communication is to think of it as a telepathic connection. When you are very close to another human being or animal on earth, you can receive impressions which may provide insight into the other person and what they may be doing at a particular time. The energetic impressions and information is sent through the invisible network at the heart of each of our spirits. The same is true for spirit to spirit communication. The information is received through your internal extrasensory senses. Because the means of communication differs from earthly means (speaking and body language), there are deeper nuances and symbols which are used to convey information. It is like an abstract puzzle which needs to be pieced together using all of your earthly and extrasensory senses.

Messages You Hear — Clairaudience

You may receive a thought that does not feel like it originated from you. Most of the time, it comes through in your own voice, but you know it is not a thought that originated from you. Other times, it comes through in the voice of a loved one in spirit or an angel, which you may or may not be able to identify. The thoughts you receive are there to provide guidance and assistance with events in your life ranging from trivial to important. The messages never contain information about hurting yourself or others, as your Heavenly Support Team is all about love and positive assistance. It may be a one-word message or it may be a string of words providing guidance or direction about a situation you are experiencing. For example, when I was interested in purchasing a stand for my television, I kept hearing the word “Target.” I knew my guys and gals in spirit were directing me to go to the Target store to purchase the stand. I did purchase one on sale and in the next week, the price dropped even more. As an added bonus, I was able to collect the difference from the store for the deeper sale price.

Music that plays in your head is another way loved ones in spirit and the angels send you messages. When it happens, look up the lyrics. You can Google them by typing in the word “lyrics” and whatever words you are hearing. There is a message within those lyrics for you. Again, your Heavenly Support Team will never send messages telling you to hurt yourself or anyone else. Pay attention to what you were thinking about prior to the music playing in your head. If you were just wondering about a time frame for an event and you hear a song with a time or season reference, such as the Monster Mash (October) or Hot Fun in the Summer Time, they are giving you a heads up about when it will occur.

Getting a Feeling — Clairsentience

You may experience strong and repetitive urges to take positive action. When your guys and gals in spirit do this, they are trying to help steer you into a positive situation for you. For example, I kept getting a very strong urge to paint my bathroom as if you were immersed in the Caribbean Sea when you walked in. It was a project I had wanted to do, but the urge became so strong that I could no longer put it off. While I was in the middle of the project, one of my beloved pets crossed over to the Other Side. Painting a beautiful image is a form of meditation for me, and my guys and gals in spirit knew I needed to have a large project to work on to help me through the grieving process, and it did. There is a lot of love worked into the murals I painted and I know my Heavenly Support Team helped by providing healing and love while I painted.

There are other times in which you may have an urge to go to a specific location, such as the grocery store, only to run into a friend you have not seen in a long while, but had been thinking about. When you remain open to life, you can experience many wonderful adventures.

Seeing a Sign — Clairvoyance

Your Heavenly Support Team may also place repetitive visual clues in front of you to help you with your path. Years ago when I was thinking of heading back to college at night while working full-time, I started receiving post cards and mail from a nearby college. I had not applied for any colleges, nor did I ask for information to be sent. I also kept seeing billboards and references to this college on people’s cars, as well as verbal references which could not be mistaken. After looking into the college, it turned out to be an excellent option for me to take accelerated night courses. Your guys and gals in spirit do this for you, as well. They have the ability to place items in front of you and orchestrate events in such a way that it is hard to ignore.

How to Learn More

Reading books about intuition and spirit communication, also known as mediumship, as well as taking classes, will help you learn about and make the most of the ways your Heavenly Support Team communicates with you. An open mind and an open heart, accompanied by knowledge, will open up amazing sources for assistance with your life path, as well as continued relationships with those who have crossed over into Heaven, and much more. Enjoy the incredible connections with your Heavenly Support Team and the wonderful ways in which they help you every day!

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

I am a international Spirit Medium, Reiki master, paranormal investigator, motivational speaker, spiritual artist, and author of “How Have You Loved?”