How Loved Ones in Spirit Communicate and the Messages They Bring

Karen T. Hluchan
6 min readSep 9, 2020

When communicating across dimensions, loved ones in spirit bring through information for a spirit medium using all their extrasensory senses and earthly senses. This rich and complex form of communication goes beyond the provision of verbal information to provide immersive experiences for the spirit medium to describe to the recipient of a reading. The information is transferred soul to soul through the invisible network which connects all of us with one another. In some ways, it can be likened to a deep telepathic connection between the medium and the loved one in spirit.

There are unique challenges within this form of communication, including but not limited to, the need for the spirit medium to be completely open to the information coming through and to trust what is being shared. From a spirit medium’s perspective, the information may not be in chronological order, it can contain symbols for the spirit medium to decipher, and it may not make immediate sense to the spirit medium as the flashes of information give the spirit medium glimpses and experiences of a life they did not live. It is the spirit medium’s job to describe all the information they are receiving to help the recipient to identify and claim the loved one in spirit, as well as to convey the message the loved one in spirit would like to share.

As the receiver, the spirit medium does his or her best to allow the information to flow from the loved one in spirit to them. They then describe everything they are experiencing without filtering in order to transmit the information in the way the loved one in spirit is providing it. Spirit mediums need to remain completely open and without bias as the information is coming through as they are the vessel through which the information flows. They are not the originators of the information. They are the receivers and transmitters.

It is important to note the spirit medium does not control who comes through for the recipient or what they want to communicate with their loved ones on Earth. The loved ones in spirit know who the recipient of the reading needs to hear from on a soul level, as well as what the recipient needs to heal their life or to help them on their life path. There are times when recipients have someone unexpected coming through. Who comes through is as important as the message they bring and those messages are meant to bring healing to the soul of the recipient and/or their relatives or friends.

The Recipient Must Be Open

In order for the communications to proceed in the best possible way, the recipient of the reading also needs to be open minded about who will be coming through and the information to be shared. Just as the spirit medium does not control the loved ones in spirit coming through, neither does the recipient. By keeping an open mind and heart, the recipient can be more receptive to the information coming through which helps with the process of claiming and identifying the loved one in spirit. Additionally, without preformed ideas of who will be coming through and why, the recipient allows the loved one in spirit to provide divine insight which may not have been recognized or accepted if the recipient was solely focusing on certain loved ones or expecting specific messages.

Information That Can Be Validated

For each person or pet coming through in spirit, the loved one in spirit transmits information to help the recipient of the reading identify them. The information often includes what they looked like toward the end of their life or if they did not like what they looked like at the end they send an earlier image of themselves, physical characteristics, how they passed, what they did for a living, hobbies, favorite activities, houses they lived in, what their personality was like on Earth, and memories from the past. The information they bring can be validated by the recipient of the reading or by those who knew the loved one in spirit.

Messages from the Other Side

Once the loved one in spirit is claimed and identified by the recipient, they can then share the personal messages they have from the Other Side with the recipient of the reading. The information comes through in the same way, using all the senses of the spirit medium.

What Kinds of Messages Do Loved Ones in Spirit Share?

There are a variety of reasons why a loved one in spirit would like to communicate a direct message to a recipient. All the reasons have to do with healing, love, and our spiritual journeys. When loved ones ascend to Heaven, they are given knowledge and insight which provides a higher understanding of why events occurred the way they did on Earth, why they behaved the way they did, and why others behaved the way they did. The information reveals the lessons they learned in life and the ones they still need to work on, as well as how all that fits into the soul plans laid out before they were born and the reasons for our existence as souls.

It is from this new perspective that loved ones in spirit provide messages for those they love on Earth. They are still who they are, but with a higher understanding and views which enable them to help the living with their journeys. Even if there is someone coming through in spirit who did not behave well in life, they are there to ask for forgiveness in order to provide the recipient the opportunity to release and heal the pain of the past. Loved ones in spirit do not come through to shame, hurt, or embarrass, as the communications are transmitted through the divine love which connects all our souls. The limited understanding they had on Earth has been transcended through knowledge, which also allows for the release of lower negative energies experienced while living on this plane.

Here are some examples of information loved ones in spirit bring through in their messages during a reading:

  • Letting the recipient know they made it to Heaven and that they are doing well
  • Sharing information about what Heaven is like and what they are doing:
    - Who they are with
    - What their experience was crossing over
    - How they can visit people on Earth and send signs and messages, as well as what those signs and messages are
    - What their Heaven looks like
    - Activities — learning new skills, exploring the Past Life Pavilion, volunteering to be a guardian angel, etc.
    - How they are receiving healing — souls who had a hard time in life can receive healing in the Spiritual Hospital
  • Providing assistance for the lives of those on Earth, including insight into events which will occur in the future, including upcoming travel, job situations, relationship issues, etc.
  • Asking for forgiveness and expressing apologies for their behavior on Earth
  • Supplying reasons for the behaviors of people on Earth, including family histories of behavioral patterns that may be causing issues in the present
  • Taking responsibility for their own actions in life to provide healing and understanding
  • To share their love and to say, “I love you” — this is especially important if they did not share this while on Earth
  • Providing encouragement for pursuits in life
  • Sharing information about important events, such as weddings, births, holiday gatherings, and more, as well as mundane events, which occurred since they passed to demonstrate they have been visiting and know about events on Earth
  • Delivering important information in which the recipient needs guidance:
    - The handling of their estate
    - Insight into next steps for jobs, relationships, education, etc.
  • Bringing healing to loved ones on Earth to help their souls move forward with lessons and soul evolution (forgiveness, lessons, relationships)
  • Acknowledging and appreciating assistance provided to them while they were living, as well as for the love shared
  • And much more

The ways in which loved ones in spirit communicate, as well as the messages they send, are shared through the bond of divine love which connects us all to one another. The more open the spirit medium and the recipient of the reading are to the loved ones in spirit and the communications from Heaven, the more easily the information flows, which also allows for more insights and love to be shared.

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



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