How Loved Ones in Spirit Communicate and the Messages They Bring

The Recipient Must Be Open

Information That Can Be Validated

Messages from the Other Side

What Kinds of Messages Do Loved Ones in Spirit Share?

  • Letting the recipient know they made it to Heaven and that they are doing well
  • Sharing information about what Heaven is like and what they are doing:
    - Who they are with
    - What their experience was crossing over
    - How they can visit people on Earth and send signs and messages, as well as what those signs and messages are
    - What their Heaven looks like
    - Activities — learning new skills, exploring the Past Life Pavilion, volunteering to be a guardian angel, etc.
    - How they are receiving healing — souls who had a hard time in life can receive healing in the Spiritual Hospital
  • Providing assistance for the lives of those on Earth, including insight into events which will occur in the future, including upcoming travel, job situations, relationship issues, etc.
  • Asking for forgiveness and expressing apologies for their behavior on Earth
  • Supplying reasons for the behaviors of people on Earth, including family histories of behavioral patterns that may be causing issues in the present
  • Taking responsibility for their own actions in life to provide healing and understanding
  • To share their love and to say, “I love you” — this is especially important if they did not share this while on Earth
  • Providing encouragement for pursuits in life
  • Sharing information about important events, such as weddings, births, holiday gatherings, and more, as well as mundane events, which occurred since they passed to demonstrate they have been visiting and know about events on Earth
  • Delivering important information in which the recipient needs guidance:
    - The handling of their estate
    - Insight into next steps for jobs, relationships, education, etc.
  • Bringing healing to loved ones on Earth to help their souls move forward with lessons and soul evolution (forgiveness, lessons, relationships)
  • Acknowledging and appreciating assistance provided to them while they were living, as well as for the love shared
  • And much more



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Karen T. Hluchan (Spirit Medium)

Karen T. Hluchan (Spirit Medium)

I am a professional Spirit Medium, Reiki master, motivational speaker, spiritual artist, and author of “How Have You Loved?”