How to Appreciate the Gift of You

Karen T. Hluchan
3 min readJul 18, 2023

Is your inner critic taking over? Are you having difficulty with a slew of negative thoughts in your head about yourself?

The Negative Voice of the Human Ego

There are times when we are very hard on ourselves. This is caused by the human ego, which is the seat of our fears and worries. It is not the ego that says, “I am better than everyone else.” That is conceit. There is a big difference between that and the human ego which was put in place as a challenge to help us grow as souls. There can be good that comes from the negative voice of the human ego as it may push us to do better; however, it can also work against our greater good when we mentally beat ourselves up with negative thoughts about ourselves. It can be easy for thoughts to sneak in, especially when we are tired, that we may call ourselves “stupid” for making a simple mistake. Catching ourselves doing this and replacing that thought with two uplifting or positive thoughts helps, as does being mindful about treating ourselves with love. Changing your mindset about how you feel about yourself goes a long way toward lessening the effects of the human ego. On an important note, if you are experiencing repetitive negative thoughts about yourself or are struggling with great fears, worries, or anxiety that are keeping you from living your life in a meaningful way, it may be beneficial to speak with a professional psychologist.

How to Counter Negative Thoughts

As mentioned above, replacing negative thoughts with positive ones helps us appreciate ourselves. To remind you of the beautiful soul you are, it is helpful to take time out to appreciate who you are and all the accomplishments that you have achieved during your time here on Earth. It takes a conscious effort to turn your thought patterns around because negative thinking can become a habit. It pushes its way into our lives every day, but we can choose to deflect it and even step beyond the clouds that hover in order to see the light of our own souls. There are other ways to strengthen how we view ourselves.

Creating the Gift of You List

Once you are in a state of calm, think about what you have accomplished in your life and the kindnesses you have extended and received, as well as the moments that made you feel good about yourself. Write them on your list. Be honest. This list is for you, not anyone else. Keep the entire list positive. If any negative thoughts intrude, push the mind chatter of the human ego away and get back to your list. Once you get going, I think you will be amazed at what your list reveals.

Active Reminders

Whenever negativity intrudes or you are feeling particularly blue, pull out your list to remind yourself of the good times for which you are grateful. Keep the list growing by adding your accomplishments, as well as positive life-altering events and moments that have brought you joy and happiness. The list will keep growing as your soul evolves.

Let the Light Rule

Even though we are focusing on the positive, it is important to know that adversity and negativity does serve its purpose. It may have even led to some of the more important and happy times in your life by clearing away that which is no longer useful or by pushing you to go beyond your perceived limits to help you achieve your dreams. Without darkness, there would be no light. A problem occurs when we let darkness rule our lives and thoughts, making it seem as if negative experiences are the expected norm in our lives. They are not. All experiences can be learned from and utilized for good. By making a list of your accomplishments, as well as positive attributes and moments, you are giving yourself the opportunity to see and appreciate all your life experiences and the gift of you.

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

I am a international Spirit Medium, Reiki master, paranormal investigator, motivational speaker, spiritual artist, and author of “How Have You Loved?”