Is There Power in Prayers?

Karen T. Hluchan
6 min readMar 1, 2022

There are many times in my life, and in the lives of others, that I have witnessed prayers being answered. There are times, though, when it has seemed as though they were not. Including prayers shared for decades and prayers that were for the most heartfelt desires held within the core of someone’s being. As a seeker of knowledge, I wanted to know the reasons behind these occurrences. By delving deep through communications with my Heavenly Support Team and searching for answers within my own soul throughout my lifetime, many reasons have been revealed.

Tragedies, both big and small, affect all of us at one time or another in this lifetime. Often, that is when prayers for assistance and guidance increase. When situations do not turn out the way we prayed for, many of us may wonder why prayers seem to go unanswered or why God, whose omnipotent powers can easily prevent these events from occurring in the first place, would allow such negative events to occur. To many people, it is incomprehensible why God would allow people and animals to suffer, die young, or face incredibly challenging circumstances. It is not because God revels in our pain. It has to do with contracts of the soul made before we were born.

Advanced Course for Soul Evolution

I have often stated that life on earth is the “advanced course for soul evolution.” Before we were born, we made agreements, referred to as soul contracts, to learn specific lessons for our souls in this lifetime. In heaven, we do not experience negativity like we do here. In order to learn lessons, it sometimes requires hard and fast challenges that push us beyond our comfort zones. Heaven does not provide all the challenging circumstances required to take us to the next level of soul evolution. Because of that, we agree to experience a lifetime on earth in order to accelerate the pace of our personal soul growth.

When creating our itinerary for our earthly journeys, we agree to certain lessons meant to build our faith, to learn how to love unconditionally, to overcome tragedy, to learn how to forgive ourselves and others, to help us rediscover the divine knowledge within our souls about the true reasons for our existence, or for countless other reasons that reach into the depths of our souls. The way the lessons occur are not necessarily spelled out in the agreements. They are written in more of an outline form. This is because we have free will.

Once we are born on earth, events are facilitated to create the optimal conditions for lessons. It requires a tremendous amount of real-time organization based on decisions we make which affect not only us, but also many others. There is a ripple effect with every decision which alters the paths we are on. I equate it to a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book in which the decisions you make determine where your path will lead you. Along the way, the lessons we learn often include challenging situations which create the optimal circumstances for us to learn. If God were to step in to avert these situations every time we faced one, we would not fulfill the lessons for our souls. Therefore, God is not punishing us, but allowing us to fulfill the destinies we agreed to in this lifetime.

Unique Paths Designed to Help One Another

On this earth, there are souls of various levels of soul evolvement. One soul is not better than the other due to the longevity of its existence or the wisdom accumulated in the totality of its existence. All of us, at one time, were younger souls. All of us are doing our best to fulfill our personal destinies, and all our actions in some way assist one another with the lessons we have agreed to for this lifetime. For instance, older souls may have more difficult lessons in a short period of time in order to greatly increase the speed at which they comprehend and utilize divine knowledge. The tragedies they experience enable them to assist others along their paths from a place of understanding and love. They can do this because their experiences trigger the memories built into the soul regarding the reasons for our existence. Younger souls, who are more likely to operate from a place of fear rather than love, often assist others by acting as the catalysts for negative circumstances. They have not yet learned we are here to help one another because they have not had the numerous lifetimes to attain that knowledge. One soul is not better than the other because both serve vital roles in the fulfillment of our destinies. No one is perfect, and yet everyone is perfect, as each of us is in the process of learning and assisting one another in our divinely planned journeys.

Positive Reasons for Negative Circumstances

With every experience, no matter how negative, there is a positive reason for it to occur, even if we do not comprehend it at the time. If you take a step back to review circumstances from the perspective of what you are supposed to be learning or what the positive reasons are for the negative circumstances, you will recognize them in time. Being able to see and comprehend the bigger picture helps to establish a level of calm and understanding. Instead of getting lost in negative thoughts about yourself and others or feeling as though no one in Heaven is listening, you can better understand the underlying reasons on a soul level. This change in thinking helps to lift your soul beyond the confusion and pain in order to allow divine knowledge of the soul’s purpose to enter your consciousness. The more you put this into practice, the faster you recognize the bigger picture connected to the lessons for your soul.


It is important to note that when miracles do happen, it is also tied into the lessons for our soul. If life was entirely negative here, we would be overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness and would possibly lose our incentive to continue our earthly journeys. Many lessons can be learned and reinforced through positive experiences, including lessons of faith and that there is more to life than appears to be. Miracles are one of the many factors which encourage us to keep moving forward through the extraordinary positive experiences which uplift our souls and instill belief in Higher Powers.

Support From Above

There is another important factor which contributes to our overall well-being and success. It is the fact that we are not alone. We have an entire Heavenly Support Team made up of God, the angels, past spiritual masters, guardian angels, and loved ones in spirit who assist us on our journeys. Our guys and gals in heaven know how difficult life on earth can be. Because of that, they do whatever is in their power to help us with the fulfillment of our soul contracts. Again, there are times when they cannot interfere because there are decisions we must make on our own; however, they do send signs and messages which provide comfort, guidance, and love in their efforts to support us. Learning how they communicate across dimensions is immensely helpful, as it will give you conscious access to divine knowledge and guidance for your life and the lives of others, as well as divine love which is at the heart of every being.

Keep Praying as it Keeps Us Connected with Heaven

This brief glimpse into the inner workings of the universe and the purposes of our lives is meant to help you to better understand why prayers may sometimes seem to go unanswered. When it appears as though the assistance or guidance you prayed for has gone unanswered, it does not mean your prayers have not been heard. They have. It may mean that what you asked for may not be in alignment with the lessons for your soul or the souls of others and that another solution will be provided as the answers to your prayers. There are times when events must unfold in a certain way to help with lessons before the ultimate goals are reached.

With the gift of free will, we are in control of our destinies. It is our responsibility to take actions in ways that bring about the most beneficial outcomes for all concerned. It does not mean, though, that we cannot ask for and receive help along the way. We do every day, whether it is something we can readily recognize. Our Heavenly Support Teams help us on our journeys, and they hear and answer our prayers in the best ways possible for the achievement of lessons for our souls.

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

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