Managing Fears of the Unknown

Karen T. Hluchan
4 min readApr 22, 2019

Each day when we awaken, we do not know what the day will bring. We have ideas about how we would like it to go; however, there is no guarantee it will unfold according to our plans. As human beings, we have the tendency to take comfort in knowing what to expect, in routines, and that which is familiar to us. When unexpected events occur, it may stir feelings of dread, upset, or fear, or on the other hand, it may bring about feelings of delightful surprise, astonishment, or happiness. Changing circumstances and events are an inevitable part of our lives. The world is constantly in motion, as are our lives. The decisions we make each day set off a series of reactions and effects which, in turn, create more reactions and effects which ripple out to touch the many situations and people we encounter. All of us are on our own unique journey; however, we are all connected with one another through the hearts of our spirits.

Fearing the Unknown

In essence, we truly do not know what will come next in our lives. There are some events which are destined to occur; however, when and how they will come about depends on the decisions we make and the lessons we learn. There are times when fear of the unknown causes us to attempt to pause our progress due to indecision about which path to take. The choices laid before us may be difficult to choose from because staying where we are may not be the best option and choosing a different path requires a leap of faith that all will work out well. However, the voice of the human ego, which is the seat of all our fears, tends to stoke the fires of uncertainty, leading to worrying thoughts which pause our progress. The negative and persistent presence of the human ego in our thoughts was put there as a challenge. It provides the illusion of separation from God, Heaven, and our divine plans. Instead of allowing the human ego to govern our lives, we can take steps to learn how to recognize it and move past it.

Redirect Your Attention

When faced with a dilemma, instead of allowing your mind to play out all the worst-case scenarios, redirect your attention to the choices at hand. If you have time, try to objectively examine and research your options. Write lists of pros and cons about each path to see which balances out for the better. You can talk with trusted advisors; however, the decision you make will be up to you. Many of the situations we face require a leap of faith; however, that does not mean you need to jump in without knowledge or forethought. The key is to try to make educated decisions in an objective way.

Leaps of Faith

In my own life, I have had quite a journey of faith which required the management of fear of the unknown from the human ego and acquirement of absolute trust in my circumstances. It was a challenging journey at first, as I had to let go of all I thought I knew and wanted in order to let go to make way for what was meant to be in my life. This meant letting go of the desire to control outcomes and focusing on the present, knowing I would be led into beneficial situations or they would come to me. This does not mean that everything would be rosy and wonderful. That would be unrealistic. It means being open to circumstances, no matter what they are, with the perspective that they are designed to help me become a better soul and a more effective person, as well as to allow me to help others through similar circumstances. Challenges can and do come into my life, and I do my best to manage them. I, like you, have my own life lessons to learn and I continually strive to improve the various aspects of me that need work. The human ego with its fears, regrets, and worries is an aspect of being human that remains with us for our entire lives. It can be managed, but it will not go away entirely, which is why learning how to recognize its presence and determining whether concerns are real or generated as a challenge are important to your state of mind, the progress you make in your life lessons, and your spiritual journey.

Everything will be Alright

One very important aspect I have learned from the repeated messages from my guys and gals in heaven is that everything will be alright. This message comes through with great regularity not only for me, but for others. As human beings, we can waste so much time worrying about what will be that we often lose focus on what is. When focusing on the mundane matters of life, we lose focus on the much more important aspects of why we exist and why we are living a life on earth.

Our lifetime on earth is a short journey in the entire existence of our beings. We are here to learn hard and fast lessons we could only learn here, and we are to help one another through the process. There is a balance of negative and positive. Even when it seems there have been more bad experiences than good, it helps to keep in mind there are positive reasons for negative circumstances. Often, it is the powerful lessons behind the situation which drive the occurrence of events. By searching for the positive reasons, you can achieve more understanding about the events of your life. This can lead to a calmer state of mind and a releasing of fears of the unknown, as you will begin to see the beneficial patterns which have been occurring all along.


With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

I am a international Spirit Medium, Reiki master, paranormal investigator, motivational speaker, spiritual artist, and author of “How Have You Loved?”