Messages in Music from Loved Ones in Spirit

Karen T. Hluchan
4 min readApr 16, 2023


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When we hear music, it is not a jumble of sounds and words mashed together, but an incredible blending of sounds designed to reach out and touch our souls. Music is a powerful emotional stimulator. It can make us laugh, cry, want to dance, etc. Moviemakers use it all the time to stir our emotions while watching a film. Every day, we hear songs on the radio, jingles on TV, soundtracks from movies, streaming from the Internet, someone singing a song as they walk down the street, and in our mind. The songs may seem random; however, at times, they carry messages of importance from the Other Side.

Have you ever had a song come on the radio that matches exactly what you were thinking at that very moment or that expresses exactly how you feel about a particular situation in your life? Is it a coincidence or is it your loved ones in spirit sending you a message? There are no coincidences in this world and our loved ones in spirit love to use music to help us with our lives. It is not only music you hear outside of yourself, but also in your mind that they use to bring messages directly to you.

Signs from Loved Ones in Spirit Through Music

Often, our loved ones in spirit orchestrate events for us to hear music outside of ourselves that remind us of them. As mentioned, there are no coincidences. They work hard to send signs not only through music, but also signs you see, feel, hear, taste, and smell. These signs are their way of letting you know they are around, sending you love and comfort. For example, my dad who is in Heaven, often uses Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” to send a dual message. The first part is to let me know he is with me. The second part is to tell me to keep believing in Heaven and all the extraordinary reasons for our existence, as well as the love and support that comes from my entire Heavenly Support Team.

When I received devasting news from the veterinarian about my kitten, Panther, the first song that came on when I got back in my vehicle was “Don’t Stop Believing.” It was very comforting to know my dad was with me at that very moment. Your loved ones in spirit do this for you, too. They will use songs that remind you of them, and they may also contain dual messages.

Messages from Loved Ones in Spirit Through Music

Loved ones in spirit also use music to bring direct messages to you through the lyrics. In this case, they use the music you know and have it play in your mind. When you have a song that is playing in your head, have you ever wondered why you are hearing it? The song, as well as the lyrics, often provide you with answers to help you with your life or to let you know how they are doing in Heaven.

When hearing music playing in your head, look up the lyrics. The song lyrics may bring up memories of a particular time of year (which may be your answer as to when an event will occur, or when your problem will be resolved) or it may be providing you with an actual answer to your problem.

Songs also may turn your thoughts toward memories of a deceased loved one. For instance, when I hear the Beatles’ song “Michelle” in my head, I know that my best friend, Michele, who passed away more than three decades ago, is nearby and sending me her love. At other times, when I was struggling with a particularly vexing issue, I would hear “All You Need Is Love” by the Beatles. That is Michele’s way of bringing a smile to my face and reminding me to get back to what really matters, the giving and receiving of love. It is very important to note that loved ones in spirit will never send any music telling you to hurt yourself or others. They are all about love and being helpful through their messages.

Paying Attention to the Music

By becoming more aware of your personal soundtrack of music, that which you hear in your mind or that drifts into your ears at just the right time, will enable you to better recognize the auditory messages and signs from your loved ones in spirit.

Enjoy the music and the messages!

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

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