Not Seeing Signs from Your Loved Ones in Spirit? Here Are Reasons Why This Occurs

Karen T. Hluchan
6 min readOct 21, 2019
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When a loved one crosses over into Heaven, they often send signs to let their loved ones on earth know they are in existence in spirit and still connected with them, as well as to share their love and let them know they are doing well in Heaven. Often, these signs can be very strong soon after their crossing. This is because they are still vested in the people they love on earth and want to bring them assurance and comfort during their time of grief. The signs must be very strong during these times because grief tends to immerse our souls in sadness, effectively blocking awareness of that which exists outside of ourselves. Because they recently crossed over, loved ones in spirit usually have an experienced guide with them to help orchestrate the occurrence of these signs.

Signs from Heaven

Immediately after a loved one in spirit crosses, it may seem as though there are no signs at all, or the signs may be very strong and clear then seem to lessen or disappear altogether. There are many reasons why it may seem as though loved ones in spirit are not sending as many signs or any signs at all. First, let us explore the ways loved ones in spirit send signs and examples of some of the stronger ones which may occur soon after they cross over into Heaven.

Soon after a loved one in spirit crosses over into Heaven, they are often eager to send a sign to their loved ones on earth letting them know they have crossed over into Heaven, as well as to send their love and comfort. Often, loved ones in spirit are accompanied by a guide to help them during their time of transition and these guides assist with the sending of signs.

Because people in spirit no longer have a physical body with which to send communications, they use the universal soul-to-soul form of communication, also known as spirit communication or mediumship, which is a much richer method for transmitting information. This method can utilize all the senses to provide a deep and direct connection with those they are trying to communicate with. The options are limitless when it comes to the many ways loved ones in spirit can send signs. Here are some examples of strong signs sent soon after a loved one crosses over into Heaven:

· Seeing a loved one in spirit fully manifested in energy form, much like the appearance of a ghost, in which you see them in a slightly transparent form of themselves (Note: This takes a tremendous amount of energy and, therefore, a rare occurrence.)

· Seeing loved ones in spirit in dreams

· Finding coins or feathers in unusual places

· Seeing repeated visual signs which remind you of the loved one in spirit, such as their favorite places in the world, hobbies, jobs, their name, or their relationship to the recipient, as well as butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies, hummingbirds, doves, and more

· Smelling a strong scent in the air which is reminiscent of the loved one who passed, such as their perfume or cologne, cigar or cigarette smoke, or the scent of their home

· Catching a quick glimpse out of the corner of your eye of a presence in the form of the loved one in spirit or as a dark shadow (Note: Dark shadows are often misidentified as ominous entities, when they are really loved ones in spirit who are partially manifesting.)

· Feeling as though a loved one in spirit placed a hand on one’s shoulder or affectionately touching your face — this feeling can be accompanied by a tingling sensation on the shoulder or face

· Feeling a presence with you that is comforting

· Hearing the voice of a loved one in spirit saying your name or words of comfort

· Songs playing on the radio about Heaven or that remind you of a loved one in spirit

· Electronics acting up for no explainable reason (e.g., blinking lights, electronic screens freezing up or digitizing, children’s toys or music devices playing on their own, etc.)

· And much more

Reasons Why Signs from Loved Ones in Spirit Seem to Lessen or Not Occur

Often, people on earth expect their loved ones in spirit to manifest like a ghost in front of them and be able to hold a long conversation with them with questions and answers. This may happen; however, it is very, very rare. The energy it takes to do this is tremendous and the loved ones in spirit may not know how to do this immediately after crossing over. Instead, signs are sent to get their messages through. What happens though when it seems these signs are lessening over time or seem to disappear?

Again, there are many reasons why signs may seem to lessen or not be present at all. It is not because your loved ones no longer care for you. They do and they are around you whether you are aware of their presence or not. Here are some examples as to why it may be challenging to recognize signs or why they seem to have dissipated:

· Strong grief can temporarily block the ability to recognize signs (Note: This is because deep grief turns the attention inwards and can be all encompassing at times. Experiencing grief after loss is a natural process in which we need to give ourselves time to process our feelings and emotions, as well as time to adjust to the major transitions and changes to our lives.)

· Not knowing how loved ones in spirit send signs or communicate with loved ones on earth

· Expecting the same sign every time

· Loved ones in spirit give us space to heal our hearts (Note: If they constantly made their presence known, those of us on earth would have difficulty moving forward because their presence may potentially prevent us from adapting to not having them physically with us on earth. This is a major transition for both you and your loved one. Even though your souls remain connected, adjustments need to be made and acknowledged for healing to take place.)

· Times when loved ones in spirit are not allowed to interfere with decisions we need to make. It is during these times that it will feel as though they are not with us.

· We are very sad or focusing too much on the mundane issues of life, which eats up focus and closes us off to recognizing signs

· Misconstruing signs as representations of negative entities

· Missing or dismissing signs due to lack of knowledge, fear, sadness, skepticism, or disbelief

· Not giving yourself time to heal and adjust to the major transitions which occur when a loved one crosses over into Heaven, which can lead to a desperate search for signs when loved ones in spirit are trying to give you time and space to heal

· They are learning how to send signs to loved ones on earth and participating in activities in Heaven which temporarily suspend the sending of signs

Be Kind to Yourself and Know Your Loved Ones in Spirit Are There for You

As with any major transition in our lives, we need time to adjust to the changes. While we are processing grief on earth and living our lives, our loved ones in spirit are also adjusting to their existence in Heaven. You and your loved ones in spirit are connected through the hearts of your spirits. There is nothing that can break the bond of the love you share. Be kind to yourself by giving yourself time to grieve, learn about how loved ones in spirit communicate and send signs, and have patience with yourself and your loved ones in spirit. They are there for you and will send signs when the time is right for you.

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

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