Recognizing Signs from Heaven Is Important to Your Life Path

Karen T. Hluchan
10 min readAug 30, 2021

Life on Earth is an accelerated course for soul evolution. We have voluntarily opted to live a lifetime on Earth to learn lessons for the development of our souls, and the negativity we encounter speeds up the process. In Heaven, negativity does not exist. Soul development does occur there; however, the lessons are based more on the giving of service, learning about the many levels of existence, and exploring the multi-faceted methods for communicating across planes.

In our journey through life, we are not left to our own devices. Each of us is given extra assistance from our Heavenly Support Team, which includes God, the angels, loved ones in spirit, and spirit guides. They send us signs and messages on a daily basis that can help guide us on our life paths. The key to unlocking the knowledge that is at our disposal is to learn how to recognize and decipher the communications that are being sent from your support team in Heaven. The benefits to receiving this insider advice is almost immeasurable, as it can have far-reaching effects on the positive development of your soul.

Ascension Removes the Veil

When our loved ones ascend to Heaven, knowledge that was obscured from them while on Earth is revealed, giving them a better understanding of the reasons behind their experiences on Earth. They do not become all-knowing, but they do attain greater insight that enables them to see the events on Earth from a more informed perspective. This insight can be utilized to help you navigate your life path if you open yourself to the guidance that is shared by your Heavenly Support Team.

In addition to your loved ones in Heaven, you have seasoned spirit guides and angels that have specific knowledge about your chosen life path. They have access to your Akashic Records, which contain information about your past incarnations, as well as the plans for your current incarnation on Earth. The plans contain the life lessons you have chosen to learn, as well as an outline of certain events that could potentially occur in your lifetime. These events could be major turning points in your soul’s evolution that come as a result of the choices you make about you, your relationships, your thought processes, and your purpose. In essence, you are never alone. There is always a kind and loving spirit nearby who is willing to assist you with your life path. Having an open mind, and a heightened level of awareness about the existence and presence of these spiritual beings, are the first steps you can take toward recognizing and receiving messages from your Heavenly Support Team.

Your Personal Tour Guides of Life

Every day, you can receive messages from spirit that are like sign posts directing you toward the best path in your daily life, which also impacts your overall life plan. It is similar to having extremely knowledgeable tour guides to help you navigate the vast experiences of life on Earth. Because these tour guides are in an energetic form of spirit and have advanced communication abilities, they utilize all our senses to get their messages across to us. The greatest challenge they have in communicating with human beings is the built-in system that purposefully creates obstacles through the illusion of fear. This system is referred to as the human ego. It is the seat of negative thoughts that tell you this cannot be possible, that you will not succeed, or that signs and messages from spirit are just a coincidence. You can teach yourself to break past the negative illusions and thoughts to experience the extraordinary connections with your Heavenly Support Team.

Breaking through the Wall

The mental block that is put in place when we are born, otherwise known as the human ego, is a wall that can be breeched through conscious awareness of the existence of life beyond the human experience. The first step to managing the negativity created by the human ego is to recognize when thoughts of failure, dismissal, and self-depreciation enter our minds. Halt those thoughts in their tracks by acknowledging their presence and thinking “STOP” in your mind. Then, replace those thoughts with positive affirmations or beliefs about the topic. For example, if you catch yourself thinking the repeated references you keep seeing about your loved one in Heaven are just a coincidence, say “STOP” in your mind, and replace it with “There are no coincidences. These are signs from my loved one in Heaven.”

By opening your mind to the extraordinary possibilities of the universe and trusting that loving spirits do exist on other planes, you can consciously open the communication channel that moves past the ego and delivers specific and helpful guidance for your life path.

Everyone Is Born with the Gift of Mediumship

Everyone is born with the ability to communicate via spirit. It is the way we communicate with God, the angels, our loved ones in spirit, spirit guides, and each other. Our prayers, thoughts, and requests for assistance are sent to God, the angels, and our loved ones using telepathic transmissions from one spirit to another, similar to the way in which wireless signals are sent from one computer to another.

When we communicate with each other on Earth, these signals are being sent back and forth via our spirits; however, it is something that occurs in the background of conscious awareness. When you are speaking with someone, you know in your heart when a person’s words do not sound or feel right. There may be a nagging thought in the back of your mind or a slight clenching of your stomach muscles that may be indicating to you that this person is not speaking his or her truth. This intuitive information is coming from your spirit which houses a higher consciousness and understanding of spirit-to-spirit communication.

Even though everyone is born with the gift of mediumship, it does not mean that everyone on Earth is destined to be a spirit medium who shares his or her gifts on a professional level. Just as certain people are born with the ability to excel in sports, others are born with the ability to excel in spirit communication. Your path is unique to you, and if mediumship is your calling, you will know it. If it is not, you can still learn how to use the gifts you have in order to communicate with your Heavenly Support Team in a way that will benefit you and your loved ones.

A Map to Lead the Way

The benefits of tuning in to the positive messages which come from enlightened beings in Heaven can be equated to being given a map to help you find the most beneficial path to get to your destination, which is the evolvement of your soul through life lessons. Please know that spiritual beings will not give you all the answers or solve all your problems for you. They will sometimes only provide sign posts or messages to guide you along the way. It is your job as a soul seeking knowledge and learning lessons to make decisions through free will. If you were given all the answers, lessons would not be learned and there would be no point in taking the journey.

Examples of Heavenly Signs

There are many ways that our Heavenly Support Team sends us messages. It is an abstract form of communication that uses all our senses and goes beyond straightforward verbal and non-verbal cues. Your mind must be open to experiencing and recognizing the extraordinary in the ordinary that surrounds you each day.

Here are a few of the more common methods used to transmit messages:

Music and Sounds

Songs you hear in your head or that play on the radio at seemingly coincidental times, are often messages from spirit. Pay attention to the lyrics that you are hearing. If you do not know all the words to the song or the title, look it up. There is a message in it for you about a current event in your life. You could also be hearing music that reminds you of a loved one who has passed away. For instance, my dad loved the band, I often hear “Don’t Stop Believing” in my head or on the radio at times when I need a positive boost. As a note, negative songs and lyrics telling you to hurt others or yourself are not sent from your Heavenly Support Team. They only send positive or helpful messages to help you navigate your life.

You may also receive direct guidance through words or phrases you hear within your mind or outside of yourself, whether in a vision or while fully-awake. This may come through in their voice or in your own. When it is coming through in your own voice, it will feel like a thought that is not your own and you will wonder where it came from. The messages are always helpful in big and small ways. Some may even be life-changing.

Visual Clues

When you see an object or image that reminds you of a loved one, it is them letting you know that they are around and that they are sending their love. For instance, one morning I turned on my television and there was a show on about model trains that popped up on the screen. I have no idea what channel I had left the television on the night before, but this was odd because it appeared to be a very old show from the 1960s. I immediately knew this was my dad letting me know that he was around and that he was sending me his love. His major hobby was collecting model trains. There are no coincidences in this world, and many people may have written that off as strange, but if you open your mind, you can learn how to recognize these subtle, and not-so-subtle, messages from spirit.

When sending guidance, pay attention to repeated messages that you see or read. Your Heavenly Support Team will place visual items in your path to help provide answers or guidance. Again, there are no coincidences. Pay attention to repetitious messages and signs as they are trying to help you.

Feeling a Presence or Receiving a Physical Indicator

Some people on Earth have a very strong sense of extrasensory feeling, or clairsentience. They can physically feel the presence of a loved one in spirit. I often feel the presence of my cats who are in Heaven when I lay down to go to sleep. I feel the warmth of their love in the shape of their bodies that they had on Earth. It feels like a living cat has curled up next to me, and it may be accompanied by the feeling of a slight depression in the bed where they are laying. This may sound scary to some who have not experienced it; however, for those of us who have, it is comforting to feel the warmth and affection of loved ones in spirit.

When guidance is coming through the sense of feeling, you may experience a feeling that something is off with a situation, which may be accompanied by a clenching of your stomach. If it is an uplifting feeling of joy or great hope, you are being given approval to move forward.

Scent in the Air

Have you ever picked up on a scent in the air that does not seem to fit in with your surroundings, such as cookies baking in your office or cigar smoke in a non-smoking hotel? Loved ones in spirit alter the molecules in the air to pipe in certain scents that remind you of them. It could be the smell of their perfume or a mechanic’s garage. When you pick up these unusual scents in the air that seem to have no logical source, who is it that you think of? Is it your grandmother who baked great cookies for family gatherings? Is it your father who used to love working on cars and often came home smelling of grease and oil from his mechanic’s garage? The scents are usually strong and distinct, and they may be picked up on by others in your vicinity. That is because the scent is piped into the air when they send this type of message to you.

Guidance through the sense of smell can sometimes have unusual connotations. For example, my Heavenly Support Team uses the scent of a skunk to indicate someone is on the defensive. When this occurs, I know to handle the situation with great care as the person I am talking to may not be able to hear what needs to be said because they are too busy feeling as though they need to defend themselves or that they do not want to be negatively perceived for their decisions.

Cravings Out of the Blue

Have you ever had a sudden craving for your deceased mother’s apple pie, a craving so strong that you can taste it in your mouth? This is yet another way that spirit sends messages to us. The way they send this message is similar to the way they send messages that utilize our sense of smell. They alter the molecules in the air to send energy associated with certain tastes to the sensors in our mouths. This type of message is usually confused with physical cravings for certain foods. It is important when you experience a very strong craving to take a moment to think about whether this is a message being sent from spirit. Do you associate what you are craving with a particular loved one in Heaven? If so, acknowledge the loved one in spirit for their presence and the sign they sent. Know that they are there to support you in your endeavors and want you to know they are there for you.

Share Your Gratitude

When you recognize the signs sent by your Heavenly Support Team, be sure to thank them for their efforts. They are always pleased when their transmissions are successful because it means that you are open and paying attention to their loving messages and guidance. You can also ask them for clarity and for more signs to reinforce the direction they would like you to go.

Further Research

To learn more about how spirits communicate, I recommend researching the topics of spirit communication, also referred to as mediumship, and intuition. There are many resources out there that can help you to understand the incredible ways that spirits communicate with you. The more you learn, the more you will benefit from the extraordinary assistance that is being gifted to you on a daily basis from your Heavenly Support Team.

Blessings to you and yours! Namaste!

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

I am a international Spirit Medium, Reiki master, paranormal investigator, motivational speaker, spiritual artist, and author of “How Have You Loved?”