Reincarnation: The Many Lives We Live

Karen T. Hluchan
6 min readJan 20, 2020


Reincarnation of our souls is the concept of the soul experiencing many lifetimes in different forms or physical housings. Our souls are made up of energy which take many forms throughout our existence. Heaven is where our souls are born, created directly through love from the omnipotent soul of God. It is here where we create plans for our spiritual journeys in the form of soul contracts for specific lifetimes. The soul contracts contain a plan in outline form for the lessons we will learn in the upcoming lifetime of our choosing. During the creation of these plans, we work with the members of our soul groups to integrate our plans in order to help one another learn the lessons agreed to in the contracts. It is important to note that the ways the lessons will unfold on Earth are not determined until we arrive here. Events are orchestrated in real time based on the lessons we agreed to prior to birth, as well as the freewill decisions we make and the resulting effects. It is an incredibly precise and complex process which is in place for every living being on Earth and for which there are innumerable outcomes.

There are many locations we can visit throughout the universe for different purposes and lifetimes. Earth is just one of the locations we can visit for a lifetime of lessons. Once we have completed our soul contracts, we return to Heaven, which is the hub from which we were created and to which we return after every journey. Our main soul groups, which include our immediate family and friends, regroup in Heaven. After a period of rest and relaxation, we determine where our next journeys will take place which will best suit our needs for the evolution of our souls. For the purpose of this article, I will focus on our experiences as human beings on a spiritual journey on Earth.

Why Leave Heaven for a Lifetime on Earth

In Heaven, the experience for our souls is different. We learn lessons there, but not at the same pace as we do on Earth. Here, we have the gift of the human ego which propels learning through negativity. It acts as a challenge to humankind to learn how to manage this mechanism in our minds which is the source of our fears, regrets, anxieties, and doubts.

When we are born on earth, information about the soul contract we agreed to in this lifetime is veiled from us in order to provide the opportunity to learn without bias. The information, also known as our Akashic Records, is stored in our souls, as well as in the Hall of Records in Heaven. Portions of the records can be accessed through spiritual means, such as past life regressions, meditations, and more. The records contain all our individual soul contracts and experiences for all our lifetimes in the past and the current lifetime, as well as information in outline form about potential lessons for future lifetimes.

A Lifetime on Earth is the Accelerated Course for Soul Evolution

Our journey through a lifetime on Earth is what I refer to as the accelerated course for soul evolution. The experiences we have here are designed to maximize our learning opportunities through situations which challenge all our knowledge and beliefs about ourselves, our world, our existence, each other, the universe, God, Heaven, and more. It is a journey of rediscovery about the information contained within our souls which contains all the answers we seek. It takes hundreds, if not thousands, of lifetimes to grow as a soul.

Younger Souls and Older Souls

Younger souls have the tendency to operate more from a place of fear because they have not learned how to manage the human ego and do not yet realize that love is the reason for our existence. Lower level energies, such as selfishness and greed, tend to occupy the thought processes of younger souls, which leads them to take actions that are harmful to themselves and others. In contrast, older souls operate more from a place of love and often put others before themselves. Some of their lessons include learning how to establish a balance of giving and receiving. When on a truly accelerated path, older souls tend to go through very difficult and challenging experiences early in life in order to get them up to speed with what they need to accomplish later in life.

On Earth, our experiences are intertwined. Older souls help younger souls with life lessons and younger souls help older souls with life lessons. Each of us helps one another through our journeys through the cause and effect of our actions and the circumstances we are presented with. The decisions we make determine whether we learn the lessons we are meant to learn. If a lesson has not been completed, it will return with a different set of circumstances until we have gained the necessary knowledge for our souls.

Because we are on different levels of soul evolution, it means that not everyone will understand or grasp the concepts about our existence in this lifetime. This does not mean older souls are better than younger souls, as all souls have their individual purposes. As we grow from a child to an adult in life, we attend school to learn. The same process happens with our souls through many lifetimes. Each lesson we learn helps us move forward with the evolution of our souls and the time when our souls will be reintegrated with God.

Evidence of Past Lives

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the great composer, was a child prodigy who could replay a song after hearing it once and who composed complex music scores at a very young age. When a soul exhibits the ability to complete intricate new tasks with great ease, it is a sign the soul lived many lifetimes and has performed similar tasks in those other lifetimes with great skill. These residual experiences are stored within the memory of the soul and can also be triggered by similar circumstances in our current lifetime. The information is not limited to skill sets. It also contains experiences that deeply affected the soul, enough to cause a carryover into this lifetime. For instance, an unexplained fear of fire or water in which the soul has not had an experience in this lifetime to cause it may be able to be traced back to experiences in past lifetimes. In some instances, it is a foreshadowing of events to come.

Have you ever experienced an instant connection with someone upon your first meeting with them? This may be because of a connection in a past lifetime or in Heaven. Are you drawn to specific cultures, music, activities, locations, and events from history? One or more of your past lifetimes may have included experiences from these times. Have you ever been somewhere and felt you had been there before, even though it is your first visit? Again, this may be a reference to a previous lifetime in which you spent time in this location.

There are fascinating stories about toddlers talking about people and places in history for which they would have no previous knowledge. They do it with such detail that it cannot be confused with anything other than a past life experience. Other toddlers and very young children refer to how they met or knew their deceased grandmother or grandfather in Heaven. These memories of the soul are strong for the young children because they have just come from Heaven. Unfortunately, by the age of five, most of these old memories have faded as new memories begin filling the mind with current life experiences.

Past Life Regressions

There are many ways to delve into our souls to rediscover past life experiences. One of the ways to do this is to perform or experience a past life regression. This practice is usually performed by a medium trained to use their gifts to receive information about past lives. You can also use your own meditation time as an opportunity to ask to have past life information revealed. Ask your spirit guides for assistance with the process and remain open and objective to everything you see, feel, hear, taste, and smell during your meditation. The information will provide clues and glimpses into some of your past lives, as well as your connections with your immediate soul groups. Within meditation journeys, you may discover the different roles and genders you experienced which provided elements of knowledge that deepen your appreciation for people from all walks of life.

Soul Connections

Throughout our existences as souls, we are connected to one another through the love within the hearts of our spirits. The experiences we share create a powerful bond which stays with us through this lifetime and beyond. For now, make the most of the time you have on Earth and look toward situations you encounter as opportunities to learn and grow as a soul. Appreciate those around you as you are all on this journey together, helping one another to evolve on a spiritual level.

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

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