The Importance of Animals and How They Communicate Spirit-to-Spirit

Karen T. Hluchan
5 min readNov 29, 2021
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The animals of this earth are amazing creatures that do much more than teach us lessons about life and death, responsibility, companionship, and unconditional love. Their presence in our lives when we adopt them as pets creates special bonds which envelope our hearts and souls with love.

Animals in the Wild Carry Messages

Beyond our domesticated companions, the animals in the wild often provide symbolic messages and signs that help us navigate events in our lives. These messages and signs are defined by their behaviors and habitats, as well as established symbolism, which contain messages for us when they repeatedly show up in our lives. For instance, the dove is a universal symbol of peace. When seeing an actual dove, an image of a dove, or the word, it is a message to be at peace with whatever is causing concerns or worries. Often, our loved ones in spirit and the angels orchestrate the appearance of animals in our lives to help us. There are many resources available for looking up the spiritual meanings of animals, both in books and on the internet. Additionally, people in spirit also like to use specific animals to send signs that they are around. Some of the more common animals used are cardinals or red birds, blue jays, doves, hummingbirds, hawks, falcons, and eagles.

Animals Can and Do Communicate

Animals communicate via their spirits. As a spirit medium, I communicate with loved ones in spirit, including animals, and the angels every day. It is accomplished through a method of spirit-to-spirit communication which utilizes my extrasensory and earthly senses to transmit information, including images, feelings, thoughts, scents, and more. Both living and deceased animals communicate in the same way that people in spirit do. They have deep thoughts and emotions, likes and dislikes, and concerns and worries. They express these through their body language and vocalizations, as well as through spirit-to-spirit communication.

Even without knowing how to communicate spirit-to-spirit, you also communicate with your pets through your soul. They feel the love you share with them, and they share it with you in return. You can feel it in your heart and soul. Being attentive to your pet can help you to learn about their natural behaviors and keep you alert to when they are not feeling their best. The signs may be subtle because most animals try to hide illness or issues due to their instinctual behaviors from their time in the wild. If your pet is hiding and/or has unusual changes in their eating habits, it may be a sign they are in distress, whether mentally or physically.

Invisible Network Connecting All Beings

At the heart of each being resides a beautiful spirit. Our spirits, also known as our souls, have all been created from the same source with the same raw materials. When our souls were being programmed, we were granted the ability to communicate via our spirits with all beings in creation. This is one of the ways our prayers are transmitted. The invisible connection between us all is a communication network that allows the transmission of information from one soul to another using a special form of telepathic connection. Beings in heaven utilize this system of communication to get messages through to people on earth. Animals, both live and deceased, also use this system of communication. It is a universal language that is understood by the soul, and those open to it and who learn its intricacies, can successfully communicate via their spirits with other beings.

One of the most interesting aspects is when thoughts come through from animals for me. They come through in the language I know best — English. This phenomenon also occurs when a person in spirit spoke a language other than English. At first, I hear the person speak in their native language. After I acknowledge to the recipient of the reading that the person in spirit spoke a language other than English, and define the language if I can, the person in spirit will then transmit their thoughts in my native language. It reminds me of the United Nations in which languages are automatically translated for participants of the world. For living human beings, telepathic connections do exist; however, while on earth, we have verbal and non-verbal means with which to communicate. Because life on earth is a spiritual journey of learning with souls on different levels of evolvement, communicating through words and body language are the common means for expressing oneself.

As a note, telepathy does not mean reading someone’s mind. It is a soul connection in which information is freely shared by the soul, in much the same way as when we hold conversations with one another. The information, though, is coming through via transmissions of energy which utilize all the senses. This can occur between humans on earth; however, spirit-to-spirit communication, which is a phenomenal universal language which creates bridges between beings in all dimensions, is most used by beings in spirit and animals.

An Honor to Share the World Together

Animals honor and grace us with much more than their companionship on earth. They are vital to the thriving of our shared world and carry much more significance than at first glance. Their spiritual foundations are rooted in the continual learning of lessons for all on earth while also providing great wonder and essential care for the incredible interwoven ecosystem which supports life on our planet.

For those special animals which become members of our households, the connection we share with them goes beyond our time on earth. Once in Heaven, they are cared for by our loved ones in spirit and the angels, and eagerly await the time when we will be reunited with them when our natural time to cross over comes. In the meantime, they can and do visit us in spirit, just as people in spirit do, to let us know they are around and still a part of our hearts and spirits through the love we share with them.

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

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