The Journey of the Soul through Death and Beyond: What Happens to Souls Who Harmed Themselves or Others in Life

Karen T. Hluchan
7 min readJul 2, 2021
Old cell block at Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA
Cell Block 2 at Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA

Have you ever wondered what happens to souls who take their own lives or do grievous harm to others? When it comes to crossing over into Heaven, there are different scenarios for souls depending on their actions on Earth. Most souls cross over right away and enjoy a grand and immediate reunion with loved ones already in Heaven, including beloved pets. The souls who have harmed themselves or others do ascend to Heaven; however, when they cross and what happens once there differs from most souls.

Not Crossing Immediately

When someone has ended their life before their natural time or have been responsible for causing great harm to others, they may not cross over immediately. This is because the soul may not believe they belong in Heaven due to what they were taught on Earth and how they perceive themselves. When this occurs, the soul, no longer housed in the physical body, temporarily remains on the Earth plane instead of transitioning to Heaven right away. This state of not being on Earth and not being in Heaven is sometimes referred to as purgatory, which means “temporary,” not hell as some people believe. Souls who do not immediately cross over into Heaven need assistance in doing so because they need to believe they belong there. A delegation of loved ones in spirit, spirit guides, and Angels from Heaven try to help them, as do spirit mediums on Earth when we encounter souls in this state of being. All souls do cross over into Heaven in time and receive the knowledge and healing they need.

A Different Path for Those Who Ended Their Lives Early

For those who purposefully ended their lives, there is a different process which occurs when the soul’s life on Earth ends. Once the soul crosses over into Heaven, there is no celebration or large happy reunion with all the loved ones who have crossed over before them. Instead, there is a more subdued reunion with select loved ones in spirit before being transported to the Spiritual Hospital for much needed healing. The Spiritual Hospital is similar to a mental hospital here on Earth; however, it is attended to by specific orders of Angels who guide the healing process for souls who experienced great emotional and spiritual pain in life. They also bring healing for the soul-wrenching experience of the ending of life early, which halted the life lessons and plans that were determined before the soul was born on Earth. The best estimate I have received for the time a loved one in spirit is in the Spiritual Hospital ranges from two weeks to six months Earth time. There is no time equivalent in Heaven, which is why this is estimated. It also depends on the soul and the level of healing they need. Visitors are welcome at the hospital and outpatient care is available when the soul is ready. Once healing has taken place, an intimate and loving reunion party with all loved ones in spirit is held to honor the soul. As a consequence of purposefully ending life on Earth prior to the agreed upon timeframe, the soul must return for another lifetime to redo and complete the lessons left unlearned. This does not usually happen immediately, but after healing has taken place, skills have been learned to better manage the lessons, and other loved ones have naturally completed their lifetimes and reunited with the soul in Heaven.

What Happens to Souls Who Grievously Harm Others on Earth

For those who committed grievous crimes against others while on Earth, instead of a delegation of loved ones in spirit, there is the presence of a spiritual being who does not step forward, but rather waits patiently, without judgment, to be noticed. Once acknowledged, the spiritual being seeks to educate the soul in the necessity of crossing over. Often, souls who caused great harm to others do not believe they belong in Heaven. The temporarily lost soul needs to believe they belong to transition there. The amount of time it takes for the soul to believe this varies. The impressions I received from souls who existed in this surreal state included images and experiences of their negative actions playing out repeatedly in their mind because of their lack of belief in their worthiness. When they are finally convinced of the need to cross over to receive healing and to learn from the mistakes they made while on Earth, they transition to a location within the Spiritual Hospital in which they immediately begin the review of their life. Once there, they learn about how and why events occurred and receive assistance to help their souls to accept accountability, including how to cope with the results of their actions. Through immersive learning situations, they experience the pain they gave to others to learn why the actions were detrimental to all souls involved, the consequences for them as souls, as well as how to better conduct themselves in the future.

Lower Levels of Heaven

Once the life review is over for the souls who brought great harm to others in life, there is no gala celebration or happy reunion with loved ones in spirit. These souls are in need of healing and knowledge to help them evolve. They are assigned to what I refer to as the lower levels of Heaven, in which they dedicate their time to learning how to be a better soul and to gain understanding about the love from which we were all created. The lower levels of Heaven are not the fiery pits of Hell, but rather a place of deep soul contemplation and learning for those who need to work on themselves. The concept of a place of retribution and punishment may have been created as a way of getting society to behave in a certain manner through fear tactics. It may also come from impressions by ancient seers and mediums about souls temporarily lost in purgatory who often feel tormented about their actions on Earth and their temporary status stuck in between worlds.

Soul Evolvement

The souls who commit grievous crimes are often young souls who have not experienced many lifetimes. They operate from a place of fear rather than love and need to reincarnate many times to help their souls evolve to a higher place. In contrast, older souls understand the need for compassion, empathy, and love, as well as the concept that we are here to help one another on our journeys. All of us were younger souls at some point, and when we experience life on Earth, our Creator uses this great mixture of soul evolvement to help us help each other with the lessons destined for this lifetime. Each of us was created with loving care and are provided with opportunities to better ourselves and evolve as souls. Just as children on Earth grow and learn, our souls do so on a much grander scale. If a child makes a mistake, even a big one, there are consequences which are dealt with, but also the opportunity to learn from that mistake. It is the same with our souls. Instead of being sent to the fiery pits of Hell, souls are sent instead to the appropriate level of Heaven to learn from those mistakes to become a better soul. For those who caused grievous harm on Earth, if the lessons are not learned or cannot be completed during their stay in the lower levels of Heaven, the lessons are incorporated into their soul contracts for their next lifetimes.

Reaching the Higher Levels of Heaven

As souls master the lessons, they progress through the spiritual evolution which enables them to graduate to the next levels of Heaven. Souls on the higher levels of Heaven can visit those on the lower levels; however, those on the lower levels do not have permission to visit the higher levels until they have reached the stages of their evolution which permits them to move about Heaven with more freedom. When we achieve the highest level, we can remain in existence as an Angel helping other souls or we can choose to be fully reintegrated into the highest energy form, which I refer to as God or the God Force. From there, new souls are created, and the process begins anew. This is not to be mistaken for reincarnation. Reincarnation is the same soul living many lifetimes. The reintegration into the God Force is the completion of the soul’s existence after it has reached the highest pinnacle of soul growth. As a note, there is no set timeframe for the evolution of a soul. Whether young, old, or somewhere in between, each soul progresses at its own pace with its own lessons and purposes for each lifetime.

Everyone and Every Experience Serves a Purpose

Every soul has a purpose on this Earth, whether they are younger souls learning through trial and error how love is our reason for being or older souls who already know love is the primary reason for our existence. Ultimately, we are all here to assist and learn from one another on our spiritual journeys as souls in human form.

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



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