The Journey of the Soul through Death and Beyond: What Happens When We Ascend to Heaven

Karen T. Hluchan
8 min readMay 31, 2021

Do you have a fear of death? Many people do. For some, it is the prospect of pain they fear. For others, it is not knowing what, if anything, happens to us when our physical body dies. They wonder if there really is another destination for the soul, such as Heaven or Hell, or if it is a nothingness, as if we cease to exist in any form after passing.

Death is a Transition

Death, which can be one of the most feared aspects of our lives, is a transition into another form of existence in which our soul moves forth to another dimension. Everything around us and within us is comprised of energy, including our physical bodies and our souls. When we are no longer in need of our physical bodies here on Earth, the lighter energetic forms of our souls are released from our earthly housings. Because we are no longer limited or hampered by the dense energy of the physical form, we are free to travel to the next destination for our souls.

Evidence Through Direct Communications

As a Spirit Medium with the ability to communicate with beings on the Other Side, I often use my gifts of mediumship to ask souls in spirit about the mysteries of our existence. Through hundreds of thousands of communications during readings with people all over the world, meditations, and more, I have been shown scenes and given information about events which occur around, during, and after death, including what happens to our souls and what our existence is like on the Other Side. This is what they revealed about the process of passing for the majority of souls.

The Transition Begins with a Spiritual Delegation

When life on Earth ends, there are many events which take place to help us with the transition from having a physical existence on Earth to an existence in spirit in Heaven. Regardless of whether someone passes suddenly, such as from an accident or massive heart attack, or over a long period of time, such as from an illness, there is a delegation of one to three beings from the Other Side that act as guides to the transition process. The delegation is comprised of loved ones in spirit who have already crossed over, including pets, or it can be Angels and past spiritual masters, who are highly spiritual beings who lived an impactful lifetime on Earth sharing divinity and bringing spiritual enlightenment to the world through love.

Events in the Moment

With a passing due to a long-term condition, the soul is usually aware that their time on Earth has come to an end. In the days and weeks leading up to his or her passing, loved ones in spirit often make their presence known through dreams or visions while awake. Those in the process of dying often hold conversations with their delegation guides who often share insights into Heaven, as well as the process of transitioning, to bring peace and understanding to the soul. There are numerous reports of this occurring from family members and friends who witnessed a loved one’s passing. Unfortunately, fear of death and misunderstanding can block these communications or cause the person to doubt the reality of their existence. In the case of a sudden passing, there can be a wide range of emotions experienced by the recently deceased including shock, upset, anger, and confusion. Delegation guides are there to help the person understand their time on Earth has come to an end and to let them know their time to transition to Heaven has arrived. Initially, the soul may resist leaving, as they may be in denial about their passing, are concerned about loved ones left behind, or feel they are not done with their time on Earth. The delegation guides do their best to provide comfort, understanding, and information to help the soul to accept the ending of their time on Earth and the beginning of their transition to the next dimension. With regard to those who purposefully ended their lives, the delegation is there for them, too. All souls go to Heaven; however, there can be a delay caused by the soul who believes they do not belong in Heaven because of their actions and what they have been taught on Earth through various religious teachings. The soul needs to know it is worthy of transitioning to Heaven before it crosses over. They do receive help from the delegation guides which, in this case, are usually higher spiritual beings, also referred to as Angels.

What Happens When We Die

In my curiosity about the process of death, I asked if I could be given the experience of what it was like to die, without actually dying, in order to provide knowledge and understanding to people on Earth about the process. To receive the answers, I sat in quiet meditation to experience what would be revealed. My best friend, Al, who is in Heaven, came to me in spirit and began showing me, through an immersive experience, what happens when we ascend to Heaven. The process began with my soul lifting upward from my body. I immediately tuned in to a freeing feeling of complete weightlessness, as well as a cleansing, as though my soul was releasing all concerns and worries of the world I was leaving behind. As my soul rose toward the sky, there was a bright white light speckled with sparkling energy above me that filtered down to surround me in a soft haze. The density of the light gradually increased the higher I rose. As my soul floated closer to the source of light, an intense feeling of unconditional love and euphoria encompassed my being. It was greater than any feeling we experience here on earth. Even at the intensity level being shared with me, I had the distinct awareness that I was only being provided a fraction of the feelings which accompany an ascension to Heaven, not only because it was not my time to cross over, but also because my guides in Heaven do not want me longing too much for the Other Side when I have things to accomplish here on Earth.

As I reached the pinnacle of light, I knew I was reaching the stage at which people enter “the tunnel.” The journey through the tunnel is a time of positive reflection of our souls with God and the Angels, as well as a welcoming to Heaven. The amount of time we spend in the tunnel is unique to each soul; however, the impressions I have been provided through separate meditations and visions is that this is a comforting experience designed to help us transition to Heaven after life on Earth. It includes a montage of happy memories from our time on Earth, unique personal experiences with God and the Angels, and preparatory information about what to expect upon our arrival in Heaven. In this vision, I did not go through the tunnel nor was I provided additional information about the experience. Instead, this journey seemed to fast-forward to my arrival in Heaven after the tunnel. With the white light still surrounding me, I saw a circular opening ahead which widened as I approached. It was filled with brilliant colors. As I got closer, I could see many of my loved ones in spirit on the other side of the opening. They were there to greet me upon my arrival to Heaven. Everyone in attendance was smiling and expressing joy and happiness at my homecoming.

The Gala Celebration

The imagery and impressions morphed into the celebratory gala held in our honor after we cross over into Heaven. The gala is a magnificent reunion with all the people and animals whose lives we touched, as well as those who had a positive influence on our lives. Everyone was dressed in amazing outfits, much of it in white, in styles that reflected the preferences of the person or being. Most of the people and animals appeared to me as a younger version of themselves, such as when they were in their prime on Earth. Even though they were younger, I recognized them for who they were. As I sat in the chair of honor on a raised platform, each being approached me one at a time to express their personal messages of how I affected their lives or how they affected mine. Love, understanding, and appreciation flowed with each heartfelt communication. There was music and a very joyful atmosphere at the gathering.

Visiting with Family and Friends on Earth

Our recently departed loved ones visit us soon after their transition. They can send us signs letting us know they are doing well and have made it to Heaven. They are often accompanied by other loved ones in spirit who have crossed over before them. Those loved ones in spirit help with the process of sending signs and giving comfort to those of us still on Earth, while also supporting the newly arrived soul. In addition, the newly arrived souls are often in attendance in spirit for their own memorial services, including those who have purposefully taken their lives. Once the services have concluded, the souls then move forward to the next phase of their transition, which is the objective review of their lives, also referred to as “Judgment Day.”

Judgment Day is an Objective Review

“Judgment Day” is not a terrifying experience in which you are made to account for all the wrongs you committed on Earth, but rather an objective review of your soul contracts and whether you learned the lessons you agreed to prior to your birth. One of the most important questions we are asked is, “How have you loved?” It is asked in the context of not only how you have loved others, but also yourself. The significance of this question, as well as the way it was revealed to me through a powerful visionary experience, prompted me to immediately decide it would be the title of my first book. Love, and learning how to love, is one of our main reasons for being. Those who have caused pain to themselves and others during their lifetimes, often go to the Spiritual Hospital for healing. Once there, they learn about how and why events occurred and receive assistance to help their souls to accept accountability, including how to cope with the results of their actions. Every soul has a purpose on this Earth, whether they are younger souls learning through trial and error how love is our reason for being or older souls who already know love is the primary reason for our existence. We are all here to assist one another on the spiritual journey our souls take as human beings.

Enjoying the Heavenly Surroundings

Throughout the review process and beyond, we are free to enjoy Heaven by creating beautiful spaces for ourselves and learning new skills, including how to watch over and communicate with loved ones on Earth, and much more. As we do on Earth, we spend time with those we love in Heaven. Additionally, we meet new souls, form relationships, and enjoy the peaceful paradise created for us by our Creator.

Serving an Important Purpose

It is comforting to know we continue in spirit beyond life on Earth, and that the experience of transitioning from this world to the next is one in which we are enveloped in love and surrounded by an amazing delegation of our loved ones in spirit, the Angels, or past spiritual masters. Even though death is only a transition to the next world, it is important to remember we are meant to be here on Earth to complete the lessons we set out to do. When our natural time to cross over comes, it is good to know we will not be alone and that another, more peaceful chapter awaits our souls.

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

I am a international Spirit Medium, Reiki master, paranormal investigator, motivational speaker, spiritual artist, and author of “How Have You Loved?”