The Phenomenon of Objects Lost, Found, or Moved by Beings in Spirit

Karen T. Hluchan
5 min readOct 27, 2021
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Have you ever had a beloved object disappear then reappear in an unusual location? Have you experienced photographs and artwork tilted on walls, knocked over on tabletops, or even fallen off the wall?

As strange as it may seem, beings in spirit, including our loved ones in spirit, have the ability to move and manipulate objects on earth. They even have the ability to remove objects from the earth plane and take them to another dimension. Most of the time, the objects are returned around the same location from which they were borrowed or they are placed in our path in an extraordinary way.

How Do Spirits Move Objects?

Everything in existence is made of energy. The ability to move and manipulate objects on earth from another dimension is performed through the altering of energy. A relatable way of thinking of this is from the movie, “Ghost,” in which Patrick Swayze’s character in spirit pushes an object using an intense concentration of his energies. It is not quite like that for beings in spirit, but acts as an example of how they can move objects. Manipulating energy takes practice for our loved ones in spirit. They can learn how to do that, as well as how to manipulate energy to send various other signs of their presence, including but not limited to, placing objects in front of you that remind you of them, scents in the air, a strong feeling of their presence, and much more.

Why Do Spirits Move Objects?

Why do loved ones in spirit move or manipulate objects on earth? What is the purpose for doing this? In Heaven, anything is possible. Our loved ones in spirit enjoy many pleasant activities; however, two of their favorite activities are to give us proof of their existence beyond life on earth and to help us navigate our lives. They know how challenging life can be on earth and, through their love for us, want to help us to expand our knowledge and spiritual growth by giving proof of their existence through extraordinary experiences that have no explanation other than divine intervention. Our loved ones in spirit want to us know there is more to life than what appears to be. One of the ways they get our attention is through their ability to move or manipulate objects on earth.

There are cases in which a beloved object owned by a loved one in spirit disappears and cannot be found. Sometimes the connection with those objects is so strong that loved ones in spirit take them with them when they cross over or take them to another dimension at a later time. They do not mean to upset you when they do this. Again, it is their strong connection which drives them to bring it up to Heaven with them. The items may be returned at a later date, as was the case with a woman who found her mother’s wedding ring on her front lawn ten years after her mother passed. Jewelry tends to be the objects most frequently moved. This may be because of the amount of personal energy stored within the jewelry due to the amount of time spent wearing particular objects and sentimental value.

Personal Cases of Missing Jewelry

Many years ago, I was upset because I could not find two rings that were given to me as gifts by my brother and his girlfriend. They were the first real rings I had ever owned and I thought it was my carelessness that caused me to misplace them. I even wrote about it in the journal I kept, notating the date and my upset with the loss. Exactly six months to the day that I lost the rings and one month from the day that I was moving to a new home, the rings were found resting on a white carpet in the middle of the doorway to my mother’s bedroom. My mom was in her room at the time and I asked her if she had had them sitting on the antique sewing machine which was right next to the door. I could not fathom how they had arrived in the location they did and my only logical thought was that she had them and they were knocked off the sewing machine table onto the floor. My mom stated that she did not have them at any time. She knew I had lost them and stated she would have told me if she found them. As we stared in awe at the rings sparkling on the floor, I had the impression it was the woman in spirit who used to own my mother’s home who borrowed my rings. At the time, no explanation was given from her as to why she borrowed them, but they came back to me sparkling clean, and ready for me to take them to my new home.

Another example of jewelry borrowing happened when I was standing in front of my four-foot tall dresser taking my jewelry off after getting home from an event. As I removed one of my earrings, it fell from my hand, hit my shoe and bounced off. I heard and felt the earring hit the top of my shoe. I had the immediate impression that the earring was no longer on the earth plane; that it had been borrowed as had happened to other pieces in the past. Even so, I looked for it on the floor and could not find it. Two weeks later, I opened up the second drawer of the dresser to find a pair of socks. As I reached in, I heard something scraping the bottom of the drawer as I moved the socks to find the pair I wanted. As I moved them aside, I found the earring that had disappeared. There is no logical way the earring bounced up three feet off the toe of my shoe and into a closed drawer. When I asked who in spirit was responsible for the borrowing of my jewelry, the impression I received was from my mischievous best friend, Al. He likes to have a little fun with me and this was his way of getting my attention.

Other Ways Spirit Moves Objects

While jewelry seems to be a favorite object to borrow or move, loved ones in spirit have the capability to move or manipulate any objects. My dad loves to tilt pictures and even knocked over a small painting of my sister and me. My best friend, Al, used to love changing the time on a battery-powered clock I owned. All in all, there is no limit to what they can do; however, it is good to keep in mind that they move or borrow objects mainly to gain our attention in order to let us know they are around. All actions they take come from a place of love as there is no negativity in Heaven.

What Experiences Have You Had?

Have you experienced any instances of objects being moved, lost, or lost and returned under mysterious circumstances? I would love to hear about your experiences. If you feel inclined to share, please add your story to the comments section below.


With Love and Light,
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