The Soul Importance of Giving and Receiving Love

Karen T. Hluchan
5 min readNov 14, 2023
Angel comforting man

Heaven is a place filled with love and knowledge. When our loved ones cross over into Heaven, they experience an awakening as they review their lives and realize the impact of their actions while on Earth. I cannot even begin to count the number of times people have come through in spirit asking for forgiveness for the lack of love that they showed or expressed when they were here. They truly wish they had realized the importance of this while they were here and want their loved ones on Earth to know how sorry they are for not sharing their love in more meaningful ways. These messages also tell us how important it is to our souls to show and express our love while living on Earth.

Generators of Positive Energy

Everything we are and everything we do is based in love. We are created from the supreme power of love by our Creator. We are meant to continue to generate that love through our actions on Earth. As spiritual souls on a human journey, we face many challenges here on Earth. It is the relationships and love we cultivate which help us through the dark times and brings us great joy when we celebrate the light. We are truly here to help one another. All the mundane problems of everyday life are catalysts to encourage us to work through our problems together, as well as to search out and find the love that is already there in the hearts of all our spirits.

You Can Take It with You

When we cross over into Heaven, we take with us our spirit and the love that connects us with those we share special connections with, including people and animals. The conclusion of our time on Earth, which comes with the release of our souls from our physical bodies, opens the door to a new beginning in Heaven. Within our spirits, we carry the love, knowledge, and relationships we cultivated throughout our lifetimes. Because love is our reason for being and one of the few things we take with us when we make our transition to Heaven, it makes sense that sharing and expressing our love is vital to our souls. It also explains why our guys and gals in Heaven repeatedly send messages about the importance of expressing and showing our love to one another.

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