Understanding the Gift of Mediumship

Karen T. Hluchan
5 min readOct 2, 2022
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From time to time, people ask where my gifts of mediumship come from. My answer to that question is simple. Mediumship comes from God. All the gifts and skills we have as individual human beings, whether it is the ability to communicate with loved ones in spirit, excelling at mathematics, or creating works of art, all come from our Creator. God gifts each human being with abilities to help humankind in our own special ways. We all have at least one amazing gift to share with this world. Yours is the one that brings happiness to your heart and brings out the best in you.

Soul Connections

We are all connected through the hearts of our spirits. It is the invisible network that connects us not only to one another, but also with our Heavenly Support Teams, which include God, the Archangels, our loved ones in spirit, animals (both live and deceased), spirit guides, past spiritual masters, guardian angels, and many other spiritual beings in Heaven. The great love that flows between all our souls connects us, creating a beautiful network with God at the hub. It is through this invisible network that communication between spirits, also referred to as souls, occurs.

Everyone is Born with the Gifts of Spirit Communication

Everyone is born with the ability to communicate via our spirits; however, some are more aware of this ability and are more skilled than others. This is because older souls, those who have reincarnated many times, have had more experience communicating spirit-to-spirit than younger souls. If you are meant to learn about and develop your skills in this lifetime, you will be drawn towards it through promptings by your Heavenly Support Team. Learning about your gifts can help you to remain connected with your loved ones in spirit and the angels while also allowing them to help you in this lifetime. It can also help you to help others, as professional spirit mediums do, through the sharing of detailed communications from those in spirit.

Fear and Pretenders

Often, people who fear mediumship do not understand where it comes from or how it works. They may have been misinformed about where the gifts originate or have heard stories about people who attempt to impersonate spirit mediums. It is greatly unfortunate that there are people on this Earth who would pretend to be something they are not in order to hurt or take advantage of someone. These are often younger souls, who have not had many reincarnations, who operate from a place of fear, greed, and selfishness, instead of love. They not only infiltrate the field of mediumship, but also every occupation. We have all received enough spam to know there are people in the world who try to take shortcuts by attempting to take advantage of others instead of investing their time and energy into honest and worthy pursuits. The reason it stands out with mediumship is because it is particularly wrong and hurtful to take advantage of people who are vulnerable and in need of healing. The pretenders can often be easily spotted as they use vague language, do not know what they are talking about, and cannot and do not bring through unique and detailed information from loved ones in spirit that can only be confirmed by the recipient of a reading or those who knew the deceased.

Trust and Faith

Mediumship is an extraordinary gift which comes with great responsibilities. It requires incredible trust, faith, and energy, as well as dedication and integrity, on the part of the spirit medium to be open enough to receive and share everything that is being communicated by those in spirit. Providing a reading is not a straightforward process, but rather a complex one using all the extrasensory and earthly senses. Those in spirit send combinations of images, feelings (physical and emotional), sounds (music, sound effects, words), tastes, and smells through the invisible network which connects all our souls to convey their messages. They often use symbols to get the information through faster. Spirit mediums need to learn how to decipher the unique symbols to comprehend the meanings. Although some symbols can be similar between mediums, most are not universal because each spirit medium has a unique set of experiences that spirit references to create them. Moreover, it is an ongoing process as symbols can change and new ones can be introduced throughout the lifetime of the spirit medium.

Professional spirit mediums take a leap of faith with every reading they provide. Not only do they need to be open to the communications, but also the recipient of a reading needs to be free of any preconceived notions about who is going to come through, how they come through, and what they want to share. The more open of mind and spirit the recipient is, the better the reading flows. The spirit medium has no control over how open a recipient is, which adds another layer of complexity to the process. The goals of spirit mediums are to do their best to help those on Earth to receive meaningful communications from those in spirit while helping those in spirit to convey their messages through this unique and complex form of communication across dimensions.

Not All-Knowing

Contrary to popular belief, spirit mediums do not have all the answers. Information from those in spirit is provided on a need-to-know basis. There are times when those in spirit do not provide a direct answer to a question or a clear-cut way to proceed for a recipient. This is because the recipient of the reading needs to work through issues on their own due to a life lesson or because the delivery of certain information may change the actions of the recipient in ways that would shift them away from lessons they need to learn for the benefit of their souls.

More than Sharing Direct Communications from Heaven

For some spirit mediums, providing readings is only one aspect of their life purpose. There are those who have also been called upon by those in spirit to help humankind better understand our spiritual connections and what exists beyond life on Earth. They are the spiritual teachers, who are often old souls who have reincarnated many times, who use their gifts of mediumship to explore and share the answers to the mysteries of our existence and the universe or to teach others about the gifts of mediumship. When using the gifts of mediumship to retrieve answers about our existence and the universe, the information provided by those in spirit is on a need-to-know basis to the spirit medium. It depends upon the purpose of the information and what those in spirit are permitted to share with humankind. The information often provides a bridge of understanding for certain spiritual concepts without revealing all the answers to the universe. These glimpses into the meaning of our existence helps humankind with our spiritual journeys on Earth.

Explore Your Gifts

While it is not an easy task to be a professional spirit medium, it is an amazing gift to be able to bring healing, love and knowledge through the connections and communications with those in Heaven to those on Earth. I encourage you to explore your own connections with spirit. You can learn some methods for connecting through books; however, to truly learn how to connect, it is best to find a teacher to help you with the process. Wishing you all the best with your spiritual journeys!

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

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