What is Astral Travel?

Karen T. Hluchan
6 min readJan 18, 2021

Years ago, when I was relaxed and almost to the point of falling asleep, I had an experience in which I felt the physical sensation of my soul lifting out of my body. It was an alarming experience as I felt the separating of my soul from my physical body as it lifted upwards towards the ceiling and outward toward the end of the bed. My initial thoughts were:

“What is this?”
“Oh my God, am I dying?”

As soon as the “no” resounded in my head, I felt the rush of my soul rejoining my physical body. As I lay there, now wide awake, I contemplated the experience. I knew I was not in the processing of dying, because if I were, my soul would have continued on despite my objections. I had never experienced astral travel before; however, I knew it existed but did not realize it could happen spontaneously. Once I realized what my spiritual guides, which I refer to as my Heavenly Support Team, were attempting to do, I relaxed and settled down again. I apologized for my very human and fearful reaction and gave them permission to take me on a journey. I took comfort in the knowledge that my soul would not fully disconnect from my body during this process, as I have experienced similar sensations of the lifting of my soul when providing readings and felt the connection through a cord comprised of energy between my physical body and my soul. To get myself back to the relaxed state I was in, I breathed deep through my nose and exhaled through my mouth as I do when entering into meditation, while clearing my mind and opening up my heart and spirit to the journey they wished to take me on. As I went deeper into the meditative state, I felt my soul rise again. Without my previous fears getting in the way, I was able to relax and enjoy the experience more as I felt my soul lift up and away from my body. I experienced a light, floating feeling as I traveled through the rooms of my own home. I then felt myself rise above my home, seeing it and my neighborhood from a bird’s eye view. It was an interesting experience which I viewed with great curiosity and wonder. In a flash accompanied by white light, I found myself soaring over Egypt, seeing the pyramids from above and marveling at what I could see. The next experience I remember is the feeling of my soul rejoining my physical body. There was a feeling of great peace within me as I acknowledged I was back, and then I drifted off to sleep.

The next day, I wondered why the journey included Egypt. I have not physically visited that location in this lifetime; however, it is a place I have long felt drawn towards, especially the pyramids. My deep fascination with the times of pharaohs, including the spiritual beliefs, culture, and lifestyles of all who lived during those times, are topics I have read about and researched. To me, the connection is rooted to a past life in which I lived during those times.

Astral Travel is Real

Yes, astral travel is real. Many people have inadvertently experienced this during near death experiences, also referred to as NDEs. They report the same feeling of the soul lifting up out of the body and viewing their physical body from above on the operating table or at the scene of an accident. They can see and hear all that is going on around them, including hearing doctors, nurses, or medics talking and seeing them poised over their physical bodies as they make the effort to save their life. During some of the experiences, people experiencing the NDE describe leaving the operating room in spirit and going down the hall to where loved ones are in the waiting room. They report hearing and seeing everything in the room as if they were physically standing there. Other times, people have described ascending to a place filled with beautiful light and sound, and at times, seeing loved ones in spirit or the angels accompanied by a great feeling of peace and love.

Heaven’s Waiting Room

For those who visit the place filled with light, it is what I refer to as Heaven’s Waiting Room. I have seen and experienced this place myself through communications from loved ones in spirit, meditations, and through my gifts of mediumship. Often, people who are in a coma, are comatose, or who are suffering with Alzheimer’s or dementia, go to Heaven’s Waiting Room. It is a place which is like Heaven, but not quite Heaven. Loved ones already in Heaven can visit souls who are there, as can God and the Angels. When my grandmother suffered her third stroke, I intentionally opened up the line of spirit-to-spirit communication with her soul to see what she was experiencing. With my gift of clairvoyance, the ability to see with the Third Eye, I saw her as a little girl roller skating outdoors with old-fashioned skates which fit over her shoes. She was joyous and carefree. To me it seems as though it was a happy memory she was reliving in this holding space in Heaven. Using my gifts of mediumship, I greeted her using my mind, not saying anything out loud with my voice, and let her know I was there. As I was speaking to her within my mind using my gifts, she woke up out of her coma in the physical world and said out loud “What was that, Kar?” It was an amazing moment of validation for me that she heard me in Heaven’s Waiting Room and responded to me in the physical world with a continuation and acknowledgement of our conversation.

At the time of that experience, I had already known of the existence of Heaven’s Waiting Room. Detailed experiences had already been communicated to me through my other grandmother who passed from Alzheimer’s, as well as through countless others who had come through in spirit during readings. Being able to actively connect with someone who is alive and experiencing Heaven’s Waiting Room can and does happen during readings. Receiving direct validation from my grandmother of her awareness of my presence with her was incredible.

Astral Projection

When intentionally setting out to take a journey of your soul, it is referred to as Astral Projection. It takes time, practice, the releasing of fears, an openness of mind and spirit, and a lot of patience to be able to do this. There are entire books devoted to the practice. If this is something you are interested in experiencing, I recommend looking up those books and reading those you feel drawn toward to help you with this process. Again, be patient with yourself. If it were as easy as willing yourself to do it, there would not be entire books written about it.

Where You Can Go While Astral Traveling

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Astral Travel, including exploring the universe, visiting Heaven or Heaven’s Waiting Room, visiting loved ones in spirit, and much more. When using Astral Projection methods for a journey of the soul, you may start out with that which is familiar, such as your own home. In time, you can build up to more exploratory travel for your soul.

Why Astral Travel Exists

Astral Travel is an amazing experience which can bring about enlightenment, healing, and knowledge. There is so much more to our existence than what we experience here on Earth. We are human beings on a spiritual journey in which we learn lessons for the evolution of our souls. A significant part of that journey involves figuring out why we exist, what our purposes are for this lifetime, how we fit into the bigger picture, and what that bigger picture is. We are given glimpses into what exists beyond life on Earth through extraordinary experiences that cannot be explained away by anything other than divine intervention, including but not limited to, miracles, spirit-to-spirit communication (also known as mediumship), signs from loved ones in spirit, astral travel, dreams, theophanies (powerful experiences with God), sightings of loved ones in spirit fully manifested like ghosts, objects moved or appearing, and much more. These experiences open up our minds and spirits and get us to thinking, wondering, and exploring. This is all a part of the spiritual journey we embark on which is sprinkled with amazing experiences to help light our way. The more open a soul is to these extraordinary experiences, the more they will occur and with greater detail.

Extraordinary Experiences

Now that you know what astral travel is, I am hoping you can approach it with curiosity, when and if it occurs to you. Do not be surprised, though, if your reaction was like mine during my first experience. It can be a very startling at first; however, if you can let go and allow the journey to take place, you can have some extraordinary experiences to assist your soul.

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

I am a international Spirit Medium, Reiki master, paranormal investigator, motivational speaker, spiritual artist, and author of “How Have You Loved?”