What Is Faith and What Does It Mean to Have It?

Karen T. Hluchan
5 min readMar 14, 2023
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People talk about faith, but what does it really mean to have it? On the surface, this question seems to have simple answers. To have faith is to believe in someone or something for which you may not have tangible proof. It also means embracing the unknown with a calm positivity that events will work out in the best possible way. You can have faith in people, in circumstances, or in a higher power. Where do these beliefs come from? They come from within you. Faith does not have to be blind. It can be backed by evidence of past situations in your life which have worked out or culminated in such an extraordinary way that it is not possible to explain them away as coincidences, but rather the existence of something or someone beyond this world who is aiding us along on our path.

Faith is a very personal and deep journey into the soul which comes about from many trying and joyous circumstances. Decisions about faith may come many times in your life as situations arise which require faith to make your way through them. It is not as simple as saying you have faith or even just deciding to have it. Living with faith means consciously making decisions to trust in the plans made for you by God, especially when circumstances rock you to your very core.

We are All Seekers

As human beings, we are on a spiritual journey. We are seekers on a path filled with pitfalls and celebrations which provide us with answers, more questions, angst, or peace. We decide for ourselves what we are going to believe and we act according to those beliefs. We make real-time choices every day based on the knowledge we have acquired, and in doing so, we reaffirm or fight against the concept of faith within us. Seeking and questioning is an important part of our individual journeys. We have been given the gift of free will to rediscover the divine knowledge within our souls about the true meaning of our existence, as well as the creator of our existence.

My Personal Spiritual Journey

During my own spiritual journey, I have learned to trust the circumstances I face. Whether negative or positive, there is always a positive reason for them. It took me a long time to understand this. When I look back on my life and the way events have transpired, I can clearly see why certain experiences had to occur. The same can be said for you. On a human level, I may not initially be happy about unexpected turns in my path which come about through negative circumstances; however, when they are in the midst of occurring, I remind myself there has to be a good reason for the change in my path that I may not understand at the time. This helps me to work on remaining calm in the face of a storm. Feelings of disappointment or hurt may be there on the surface; however, those feelings are quicker to dissipate when I remind myself that every experience is designed to help me grow as a soul. In time, the reasons will be revealed through epiphanies which show me how events needed to occur in the way they did to get me on a better track or save me from future problems. While waiting for the answers to be revealed, I do my best to navigate the situation with faith that all will work out in the end, even if the outcome is not what I may have initially envisioned or wanted. My faith helps me to be open to possibilities beyond what I could conceive.

A Challenging Lesson

One of the hardest lessons I needed to learn was to have faith in the bigger picture regarding my soul contract filled with life lessons for me. These plans were agreed upon prior to my birth and include situations which will challenge me to learn and grow as a soul. As a human being, this knowledge has been veiled from me temporarily in order to provide optimum learning conditions. Within my heart, I had a very strong desire to share my life with a wonderful partner. This desire has led to many lessons about heartache, self-worth, perceptions about my life, and my life purpose. After years of looking outside of myself for love, I discovered the importance of loving who I am and accepting that I may or may not have someone to share my life with. It took a long time to get to that place; however, now that I have, I no longer feel the pressure to adhere to an ideal that may not be meant for me. When looking back at my life, I appreciate the lessons I learned while also seeing why a relationship with a significant other may have gotten in the way of the work I was being called upon to do as a spirit medium. This does not mean I will not have a partner or companion; it means that up to this point, I can clearly understand why I had the experiences I had, including the life lessons.

Sharing the Blessings with You

By sharing this with you, I hope to help you to open your mind and your heart to the amazing opportunities heading your way. Even if your path has been challenging, it does not mean it will remain that way. Faith is a worthy gift to have and hold in your heart. You are on the best path for you as set forth by your soul contract before you were born. The lessons contained within it are designed to help you learn and grow as a soul. You are not alone on this journey. You have your entire Heavenly Support Team of loved ones in spirit, angels, spirit guides, past spiritual masters, and God to help you along with everyone you know and love on Earth.

Look to the lessons learned in the past, as well as how circumstances have brought you to where you are in life. By doing so, I am hoping you can see how you have already grown as a soul, while also acknowledging the growth yet to be. Listen to the heart of your spirit and know that this spiritual journey you are on can have its magical moments even in the midst of challenges. Sending much peace and clarity your way, as well as prayers for you to find the faith within the heart of your spirit.


With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

I am a international Spirit Medium, Reiki master, paranormal investigator, motivational speaker, spiritual artist, and author of “How Have You Loved?”