What It Really Means to Be Open for a Spirit Medium Reading

Statue of an angel

Knowing More About You Than You Realize

Reasons for Why They are Coming Through a Certain Way and the Messages They are Bringing

Misconceptions of What It Means to be Open to a Reading

Only Wanting to Hear from One Specific Loved One in Spirit

Demanding to Hear from Only One Specific Loved One in Spirit

Making a Pact with a Loved One in Spirit Prior to the Reading to Bring through a Certain Piece of Information

Thinking a Loved One in Spirit Will Come Through the Same Way Every Time

Having Preconceived Ideas about Messages Including Expecting or Demanding Them to Tell You About Events You Already Know About

Thinking Communications from the Other Side are as Easy as Talking to Living Beings and Expecting Spirit Mediums to Know Everything

Being Physically Exhausted or Distracted

How to Remain Truly Open to a Reading



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Karen T. Hluchan (Spirit Medium)

Karen T. Hluchan (Spirit Medium)

I am a professional Spirit Medium, Reiki master, motivational speaker, spiritual artist, and author of “How Have You Loved?”