What Our Pets Do in Heaven

Karen T. Hluchan
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When our beloved pets cross over into Heaven, they are greeted by the angels and our loved ones in spirit, as well as their kin who are in Heaven. As with people in Heaven, they are provided much comfort and love and are free from all physical pain and discomfort they may have suffered from prior to their passing.

During readings, in which they share information about their lives in a manner similar to people in spirit, animals often show me themselves in the prime of their lives in Heaven. They share images of themselves delightfully enjoying favorite activities they were characteristically known for on Earth. Some of my favorites have been horses running and kicking up their heels in a beautiful pasture, dogs rolling around on their backs on incredibly soft spring green grass, purring cats curled up near the warmth of a lit fireplace, ferrets tunneling and playing peek-a-boo from underneath a blanket, and parrots cracking open peanuts and enjoying them.

The animals often express strong feelings of love and gratitude for the life they had, as well as glimpses of their lives to bring information that can be matched to them in order to provide healing and comfort to the recipient of the reading.

With Loved Ones in Spirit

When a beloved pet makes its presence known in a reading, it is usually accompanied by a human loved one in spirit. This loved one is either directly connected to the animal or is conveying the message that they are taking care of them in Heaven for the recipient of the reading. The human loved ones in spirit did not need to know this animal while on Earth. For example, I have seen grandfathers and grandmothers in spirit, who have long been in Heaven, holding a cat or dog who just crossed over that belonged to their grandchild on Earth. Our loved ones in spirit, both human and animal, are aware of the events which occur in our lives because they watch over us from Heaven. There is much comfort in knowing they are taking care of our beloved pets in spirit until the time comes when we are reunited with them in Heaven.

Visiting from Heaven

Like people in Heaven, our animals in spirit can and do visit us on Earth. You may catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye, feel their presence, or hear a familiar sound they used to make in life. If you have live pets in your home, they can sense the presence of your pets and people in spirit. When your live pets are staring at the wall or start running around and playing as if someone is playing with them, it is often loved ones in spirit, both human and animal, who are visiting. There are times, too, when a live pet temporarily behaves in ways your pet in spirit behaved. They have not possessed your live pet but have temporarily used them to bring through a memory for you in order to let you know they are around and sending their love.

Jobs in Heaven for Animals

Beyond relaxing and enjoying their time in Heaven, our pets in spirit can also volunteer for jobs. For instance, they can opt to become guardian angels for their loved ones on Earth. They often work in tandem with our human loved ones in spirit and the angels who have volunteered or been assigned to us. As guardian angels, they assist with the job of watching over us and alerting the angels of situations in which we need help. Additionally, when it is time for one of our living animals to cross over into Heaven, our beloved pets in spirit are there to help them cross over and they do their best to bring us comfort from Heaven.

Animals can also help bring healing and companionship to those who need it in Heaven. Not only do they bring companionship to our human loved ones in spirit, but also to people and animals newly arrived in Heaven who would benefit from their loving presence. Scenes have been shared with me of animals providing companionship and unconditional love to people and animals in spirit, especially for those who are receiving healing in the Spiritual Hospital in Heaven. When healing of heart and spirit is needed due to difficulties experienced during a lifetime, souls go to the Spiritual Hospital in which angels help the souls to work through the issues. Our beloved pets in spirit can volunteer to help these souls with their healing process.

All Animals Get Along in Heaven

In Heaven, all animals get along with one another. This is because they are in soul form, rather than in a physical form as they were on Earth. Heaven operates quite differently in that the lack of a physical body means that sustenance for that body is no longer needed. Carnivores do not need to eat meat, which means they are no longer a threat to what would have been their prey on Earth.

Reincarnation and Animals in Human Form

They meet us in Heaven and agree to come down for a lifetime with us. If there is a strong bond, animals can sometimes reincarnate again in your lifetime to join you in a different form and a slightly different way. They often exhibit similar characteristic behaviors of the original beloved pet, yet they also display behaviors that are unique to the new pet. This is because the soul has grown in Heaven which creates new characteristics.

There are times when I have seen animals take on a human form in Heaven. From these viewings, it is my impression that souls can opt to live a lifetime in an animal form on Earth. The reasons for this can vary greatly; however, it is often to allow a soul to spend bonded time with another soul on Earth for a brief lifetime, instead of a longer lifetime in the form of a human soul.

The roles of animals in our lives are amazing and much more than appears to be on the surface. Our beloved pets have strong connections with us, which are formed in Heaven before we are born. They are weaved into our soul contracts to help us learn important lessons for our souls while on Earth.

Reunion in Heaven

When our natural time to cross into Heaven comes, we are reunited with our beloved pets. We will see them as we know them, just as we do our human loved ones in spirit. Once we have been reunited, they can then show themselves to us in the form they have chosen in Heaven.

Our beloved pets, much like our human loved ones in spirit, enjoy relaxation and favorite activities in Heaven, and can volunteer to share their love and skills with other souls, including our own. The bonds of love unite our souls and keep us connected across the cosmos through the hearts of our spirits. There are no boundaries to the love we share with all our loved ones in spirit, both human and animal.

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



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