Who Watches Over Us from Heaven?

Karen T. Hluchan
4 min readJun 20, 2023
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We have a whole host of beings in spirit, whom I refer to as our Heavenly Support Teams, who watch over us from Heaven including God, the Archangels, other orders of angels, guardian angels, past spiritual masters, spirit guides, and our loved ones in spirit. They watch over us and help us due to their love for us and their desire to assist us through this lifetime. They are around us more often than we think or realize; however, we do get our privacy during our very private moments.

Under the Guidance of Archangels

Our loved ones in spirit love to help us with our lives. They know how challenging life can be and they want to help us when they can. They do this under the guidance of the Archangels who have been tasked with helping humankind with our life journeys. The Archangels are the keepers of our Akashic Records, which contain not only our soul contracts and records for this lifetime, but also all our past lifetimes and the outlines of future lessons or events. There are some limits as to what our loved ones in spirit can do, including not being able to interfere with decisions involving life lessons for our souls. We are here to learn and grow through our life lessons. If they gave us all the answers or guided us through everything, it would deprive us of learning what we need to expand our consciousness and grow as souls.

Volunteer Guardian Angels

We are assigned guardian angels when we are born. Often, after crossing over into Heaven, our loved ones in spirit with whom we shared special connections and relationships volunteer to be our guardian angels. Not only do they watch over us, but also those closest to us on Earth. When your loved ones in spirit cross over and volunteer, they are added to our team of angels. When returning to the realm of Heaven, there is an adjustment period where those in spirit may need reminders or classes to learn or relearn how to communicate across dimensions, send signs, or be a guardian angel. Loved ones in spirit have shown me how they go to the past life pavilion to learn as much as they can about those they have volunteered to watch over. This means having access to information they may not have been privy to in life. They do this not to be intrusive, but because they need to know about the impactful events in our lives and how they affected us, in order to better anticipate our free will decisions. Once they have completed their classes, they are ready to actively participate in helping us through the sending of signs and messages to give us insights to guide our way, by protecting us physically and emotionally, and keeping watch over us and all whom we love.

Do They Get to Enjoy Heaven, too?

While it sounds as though our loved ones in spirit who are guardian angels do not have the opportunity to enjoy Heaven, they do. Not only do they take turns watching over us, but also time runs differently in Heaven, which gives them the ability to enjoy their divine paradise. They get to enjoy everything Heaven has to offer while also helping us in the process through their love, divine connections, and knowledge.

How to Know Which Loved One in Spirit is Near

When it comes to loved ones in spirit, it is easier to determine who is watching over us because of our knowledge of them and what they use to send signs. For instance, our loved ones will use different variations of all our senses to send signs which remind us of them. It could be a scent in the air, seeing a reminder of something they liked to do or seeing their name, hearing a specific song, feeling that they are around, or getting a craving for foods they liked. Whichever method they use, they are trying to remind us of them and get us thinking about them. There are hundreds of ways they send signs. If we are open to the signs, recognize them, and do not dismiss them as mere coincidences, we will be much more aware of the presence of our loved ones in spirit and how they help us each day. There are times, though, when it seems our loved ones in spirit are not around us. This can occur when we are in deep grief, which can dim our ability to be open, and it can happen when we have an important life decision to make in which they are not allowed to interfere with the process. When it comes to the life lessons and the decisions we need to make on our own, our loved ones in spirit are still there with us, they are not allowed to make their presence known in order to provide us with the space we need to make our free will decisions. When it is other members of our Heavenly Support Team watching over us, it can be a little harder to determine for those who are not spirit mediums. However, if the angel, Archangel, spirit guide, etc., wants us to know their identity, they will leave a sign or figure out a way to get a message through.

Surrounded by Love

We are surrounded by love and our heavenly helpers each day. Again, have no concerns about those very private moments as they do not want to see them. They know we need and value our privacy. Pay attention to the signs and thank them through your thoughts for all their love and divine assistance.

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

I am a international Spirit Medium, Reiki master, paranormal investigator, motivational speaker, spiritual artist, and author of “How Have You Loved?”