Why Certain Locations Have More Paranormal Activity Than Others

Karen T. Hluchan
6 min readApr 28, 2021
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Paranormal activity is a fascinating phenomenon which occurs across the globe. Otherwise unexplainable instances of objects moving or disappearing and reappearing in strange places, electronics turning on or off by themselves, the sound of laughter or footsteps with no human being in sight, and the feeling of a presence or touch when no human is present, are all examples of paranormal activity. Certain locations have more activity than others. They do not have to have strong ties to historical events for activity to be strong. Where the activity occurs and why depends upon many factors. The most important underlying factors are the strength of the emotions experienced in life, both positive and negative, by the people in spirit who are visiting the location or who have left an imprint of energy from past events.

Ghosts Versus Spirits

When people report seeing the same being in spirit, a person or animal, performing the same repetitive action, this is referred to as a ghost. It is an imprint of energy left behind by a person or animal that is much like a hologram. It is not an active being in spirit. Active spirits are the souls of beings in energy form. They can visit us here on Earth and they can manipulate energy on this dimension to alert us of their presence, often referred to as signs or paranormal activity. They employ all the senses when letting us know when they are around, including but not limited to, placing scents in the air, moving objects, changing the temperature in a space, providing a feeling of their presence, projecting music or their voice for us to hear, producing the smell and taste of a favorite food, and placing visual objects in our path that are reminders of them. For spirit mediums, the experience is heightened and fine-tuned with incredible details that can also be experienced using the extrasensory senses.

Examples of Paranormal Activity

To help you to better understand what paranormal activity consists of, here are some examples:

  • Unexplained electrical disturbances — phones, televisions lights, computers, ceiling fans, appliances, car windows and radios acting up
  • Objects or items moved — doors opening/closing, pictures tilted or knocked over or off walls, items (especially jewelry) missing and returned in strange places
  • Seemingly random or coincidental presence of feathers, coins, ladybugs, hummingbirds, butterflies, cardinals
  • Scents in the air which do not belong — perfume, cigarette or pipe smoke, food cooking
  • The strong feeling of a presence when no human or animal presence is near
  • Shadow people or flashes of a presence seen out of the corner of the eye
  • Orbs of energy — seen in person or in photographs or videos
  • Items appearing out of nowhere
  • Sounds without a known source — footsteps, creaking stairs, knock on a wall or door, a voice in your ear, music playing

Reasons for Increased Paranormal Activity

Emotionally Powerful Events

When people refer to paranormal activity, they often refer to areas in which there have been powerful negative events, such as those that occurred on battlefields, murder and suicide scenes, prisons and prisoner encampments, and abolished mental health institutions and old hospitals. All these locations usually have strong imprints of energy left behind by those who suffered or experienced traumatic events. This is because of the harrowing emotional toll experienced by the souls. Mediums can pick up on the information contained within the energy imprints by accessing the energies left behind from the past, as well as by communicating directly with those in spirit who lived through the tribulations. Locations that have had powerful peaceful or joyful events can also exhibit paranormal activity or energies. The experiences of history can be picked up on by spirit mediums who used their gifts to learn about the past through communication with active spirits. The energies in a place where momentous positive events occurred often emit a feeling of peace immediately upon entering the space. The signs from spirits in these locations are also much more serene and uplifting.

Loved Ones in Spirit Visiting

While events from history, both positive and negative, play an important role as to why certain locations have more active spirits exhibiting paranormal activity, it is not the only factor which determines the level of activity. This is because spirits are not limited to earthly locations. They can visit anywhere and often do, especially loved ones in spirit connected with people on Earth through the relationships they had with them while living. Loved ones in spirit love to visit their loved ones on Earth. It is their strong connection with those on earth which draws them to visit to see how everyone is doing, to share their love and support, and to make their presence known through signs, as well as to attempt to get a message through to provide guidance or navigation. Much of the paranormal activity people experience in their homes, workplaces, vehicles, and more comes from personal loved ones in spirit. Activity can be strongest immediately following the passing of a loved one, when they are trying to get an important message through, a week or two before or after visiting a spirit medium, and when there is a soul who did not immediately cross over into Heaven. In the case of loved ones in spirit visiting from the Other Side, there is usually a feeling of upliftment accompanying their presence. When it is a soul who needs help with their crossing, there is a heavy feeling in the location. This is because they have not yet fully let go of their earthly presence and are frustrated about their situation. People sometimes refer to the activity exhibited by souls who have not crossed as poltergeists. This is because these upset souls are trying everything they can to get the attention of the living to help them, such as slamming doors and breaking several items. They are not mad at the living. They need assistance, which is best provided by a professional spirit medium trained in helping temporarily lost souls in their transition to Heaven.

The Presence of a Spirit Medium or Someone Sensitive to the Energies from the Other Side

When there is a spirit medium or someone gifted with extrasensory perception or is sensitive to the energies from the Other Side, paranormal activity tends to increase. The beings in spirit are aware that the gifted individual is also aware of their presence. When encountering someone who can communicate directly with them, they become excited, which is why the paranormal activity increases.

No Fear

When investigating various locations, there is no fear of who or what I will encounter. I enter the situations with an open mind, heart, and soul with the mindset of respectfully gathering information about history and the people or animals who are present in an objective way. The connection of spirit communication is rooted in love, not fear, and approaching these situations with the mindset I described allows for open communication across dimensions.

What it Means When a Space is Cleansed of Energies

Over time, negative or unwanted energies can accumulate in a space. This can be due to powerful negative events or people who consistently behave in negative ways. A location can be cleansed of residual energies by professional spirit mediums and healers. When a cleansing of energy is performed, negative and unwanted energies are removed and replaced with positive, peaceful energy. In essence, the space is healed and cleansed, creating a welcoming space for people and animals and a new beginning for the location. Immediately upon entering a location, I can sense whether the space has been energetically cleansed. The history of the location and the people in spirit are still connected to the space; however, it takes a few extra moments to use my gifts to probe below the cleansed layer to connect with the information which exists beyond the healed atmosphere.

Why Our Connection with the Other Side Matters

Our connection with the Other Side is an integral part of our world. As human beings on a spiritual journey, part of our purpose is to seek out our reasons for being. By being connected to the Other Side and actively communicating with beings in spirit, we can be the recipients of information about what exists beyond life on earth, as well as the true meaning of our existence. The benefits go beyond knowing that we continue to exist after life on earth. They help us to tap into the energies and knowledge of the universe to assist humankind.

With Love and Light,
Karen T. Hluchan



Karen T. Hluchan

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